Ethiopia: related to addiction Problem

ADDIS ABABA: It is said that many fruitful activities must be carried out to reach a low point of the addiction problem among young people throughout the country, the Ethiopian Bode learned.

Eliyas Kalayu, founder and executive director of Meqomia Development Organization, said: "The impact of addiction in Ethiopia and around the world escalates in different parts of the country.Therefore, in order to stop the youth from addiction, the government and the community must build a variety of leisure centers in different parts of the country, build a shelter for victims and establish mandatory rules that can be implemented in no time.

He went on to say: "Nowadays, the number of addicted people is increasing at an alarming rate." At the moment, the number of young people who are addicted across the country is estimated at 51 percent, and worse, about 45.6 percent. of them participate in the addiction world, often addiction is achieved through continuous methods of trial and error. "

He further emphasized that once the youth becomes addicted, it will be difficult to get themselves out of the addiction and sooner or later they will suffer from stress, depression and other related symptoms. Slowly but surely they begin to hate themselves to death. The youth is also moving and hiding itself in addiction.

"In fact, addiction affects the mental, emotional, physical, social, economic and political aspects of the country and people, and it also affects the productivity and reproductivity of the victims," ​​he added.

He concluded that in order to solve the problem, family, religious organizations, artists, political parties and the government should work hand in hand to achieve the goal.

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