Ethiopian PM praises the support of China to the human development of Ethiopia – Xinhua

ADDIS ABABA, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) – Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia's Prime Minister, commended Friday's support for China's human development efforts.

Ahmed made the remarks during a ceremonial ceremony late on Friday, where about 220 Ethiopians win scholarships to study in major Chinese higher education institutions in master and PhD programs.

"As we all know, China is a very good partner for Ethiopia and they support us in the development of human capital, which is a priority for my government," Ahmed said, adding that "I want to thank you (Chinese government) for everything you've done for our country. "

Ethiopia is the largest beneficiary of human resources cooperation in the context of Chinese aid worldwide. By the end of 2017, the Chinese government trained 5,655 participants from different professions for Ethiopia in more than 20 areas, including education, health and medical services, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, public administration, business management, urban development. and poverty reduction, according to figures from the Chinese embassy in Ethiopia.

Ahmed, who noted that Ethiopia alone could send more than 1,000 students to China to study this year, also called for further strengthening of the Chinese government's support for human development efforts in Ethiopia.

"Nothing is impossible, especially for Ethiopia and China the air is the limit", said Ahmed.

"We can go a long way to develop the next generation to take responsibility and work for their country," he added.

The Prime Minister also called on Ethiopians who are ready to follow their training at the major Chinese universities to experience & # 39; China & # 39; s experience & wisdom & # 39; learn in the development and other sectors to help Ethiopia's ambitions in economic growth.

Ahmed urged the Ethiopian scholarship winners to act as connecting bridges between Ethiopia and China in strengthening ties after they returned from their studies.

The 220 recipients, who come from 40 Ethiopian federal and regional government institutions and industries, will follow graduate studies at Chinese universities, both in social and in scientific disciplines, it was noted.

While 54 of the recipients are ready to continue their doctoral studies, the remaining 166 will study their masters, as indicated.

Tan Jian, China & # 39; s Ambassador to Ethiopia, reiterated during the prize ceremony China's belief that investing in people through education is the best investment.

Tan, who promised to deepen ties between the two countries in the development of human resources, said: "We have developing countries with potential for human resources and it is important to exploit this bonanza."

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