Ethiopian preacher arrested after failure to lift the man from the dead; Relatives fainting (VIDEO)

Ethiopian preacher arrested after failure to lift the man from the dead; Relatives fainting (VIDEO)


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Register by, Christian Post Reporter 23 July 2018 13:31 (Screenshot: Twitter / The Mail Online) In August 2018, Ayele, the Ethiopian preacher, tries to bring the body of Belay Biftu back to life.

A self-proclaimed Ethiopian prophet who convinced relatives to dig up the body of a newly deceased man, only to make him fail in resurrecting him, has been arrested after anger by the family members.

The preacher, Getayawkal Ayele, tried to reconstruct the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Lazarus, as found in the Bible when he lay on top of the sick man, Belay Biftu, calling "Belay, wake up" as reported by.

Ayele was unable to bring the man to life and several family members fainted on the spot while others attacked him, angry with what had happened. The police then arrived and arrested the Prophet, while at the same time being rescued from the crowd.

Ayele was taken into custody, because the abuse of dead bodies is a crime according to Ethiopian law. It is not clear whether he has already been released.

The man, who works as a health worker, told residents of the city of Galilee, in the Oromia region, about the story of Jesus and Lazarus. Hopeful that he could perform a similar resurrection, they agreed to dig up Biftu's body.

shared footage of the incident, which has since gone viral online, showing Ayele trying to revive the sick man corpse.

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Ethiopia has a religiously diverse population, according to the, although most people belong to the Christian denominations.

Southern Baptist missionary Elliot Clark, an intercultural church planter, earlier this month that many citizens in the country believe they can be and that they are possessed by spirits.

"What the experience of so many Ethiopians – and a large part of the world – shows is that we have to be ready for the things we do not see," Clark wrote at Southern Equip, recalling a recent visit to Ethiopia.

He told about a remarkable experience that a city visited there:

& # 39; When I walked down the street from my hotel, I noticed a commotion about the intersection. Someone was screaming. I assumed that an accident or incident had happened. I turned my head and saw nothing. Then I caught a glimpse of a woman, screaming, "he described.

"She rolled to the floor, waving and winding in the dust, a crowd came together, I was sure she was possessed by demons, but then I guessed myself, and I did nothing because I was not prepared . "

Clark wrote that Christians should & waking up & # 39; against the & # 39; reality of spiritual warfare & # 39 ;.

"We need to be prepared for such challenges, and such preparedness begins with an open eye for the supernatural in Scripture.Today, as much as ever, we need to re-educate ourselves about the supernatural gospel for our supernatural world," he warned.

Watch a YouTube video of the failed attempt to bring the Ethiopian man to life:

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