Ethiopian Religious Council condemns Jigjiga & # 39; s violence

The Ethiopian religious leaders condemned the violence in Somali Ethiopians and some of the countries during a press conference on 13 August.

In connection with the unfolding, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, his holiness Abuna Mathias, archbishop of Axum and Ichege of the sea of ​​the holy Taklehimanot, condemned human causality and destruction of property. Many orthodox churches were subject to fire. The servants and priests in the churches were scorched by the fire, said his holiness. What happened in Jigigiga and its surroundings was immoral and unseemly for a man whose abilities are in force, said his holiness.

As far as he is concerned, the church will organize mass for the rest of the soul of victims and martyrs and they will be honored for the great sacrifices they have made. The church will also pray for those who committed such immoral crimes in the church, because the Holly Bible commands the believers to pray for wrong doers instead of blaming them. The Gospel that we preach is a gospel of love and mercy, the patriarch added. The country was known for its peace, love, respect and unity. But what has happened is painful, we must pray for the peace of the nation. May God help us to prevent a similar challenge again, the patriarch said.

Many Ethiopians live in peace abroad, but what happens in the nation is bad and cruel. Although the Prime Minister has preached about love, unity and synergy, the reaction was reversed in some parts of the nation, his sanctity said. The patriarch noted that the church has opened a bank account to raise funds for the displaced.

Moreover, the patriarch stressed that the government should not let go of its surveillance by protecting the innocent against the horrors.

Mufti Hajji Omar Indris, representative of the president of the Ethiopian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, condemned the crime a politically instigated crime by the less clever. All human beings come from the line of Breath, the first man created by Allah. Allah has announced the mushroom of various religious. The diabolical few who committed so cruel, cruel and immoral sin have strayed from the way of Allah. Pray that we will be for them!

In the Holy Quran there is no verse that encourages and allows such destruction and violence. Even the commandments of the Qur'an, he / he who kills the innocent, kills the hands of someone who cuts the hands of others. Theft and murder have no place in Islam. What happened in Jigjiga and some parts of the country has nothing to do with other religions, Mufti said.

As far as he was concerned, every religious father would have to shape the preaching way in preaching. They must preach love and patience. We must preach how we can coexist peacefully, Mufti said. Moreover Mufti called on the government to punish the wrong perpetrators and protect the nation.

Help from Allah is the greatest of all: "Parallel to our prayer we must work on how victories can easily resume normal life to go home and start their business," Mufti Hajji said at press conferences.

Ethiopian Catholic Cardinal, Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel announced that his church is firmly condemning the immoral act of destruction in some parts of the country. As far as he was concerned, Jigjiga's violence was heartbreaking. It was an evil deed and foolishness. The country is known for its hospitality and cordiality. What happened was done by the discontented to defile the image of the nation, the cardinal said. Moreover, he noted that his church is always ready to provide support and to stand with the displaced.

Ethiopian Evangelical Church President and Chief Committee of Ethiopian Religious Council, Priest Yohanes Yegezu declared that every citizen is right in the country and worried about his peace. In the previous years the country had entered a serious political and social crisis. "Thanks to the almighty God and martyrs, we have the freedom to express our fillings." But on some pockets, civilians are killed and abused for unknown and senseless reasons, the priest said.

As far as he is concerned, humanity does not have to belong to a religious group. Tolerance and coexistence in love is an instinct given by God to all people. Everyone who has had such atavism will be judged before God. In addition, they called every Ethiopian to support the displaced.

Ethiopian Full Gospel president and chairman of the Ethiopian religious council's commission, preacher Tsediku Abdo condemned the unreliability of some government officials who caused the political crisis. As far as he is concerned, the government should accuse groups and individuals who are involved in the violence, because protecting the peace of a nation is the great role and responsibility of the government.

The church will continue to preach and teach love for the good news, it is for this reason why we are here and created for it. In addition to prayer, the Church will give financial and moral support to the displaced, the president said.

The Ethiopian Seventh Day Adventist International Church, Pastor Temesgen Bulti and the Ethiopian Bald Hiwot Church and the Chief Committee of the Ethiopian Religious Council, Dr. ir. Iyasu Elias condemned the violence. As far as they are concerned, everyone should pray and create awareness among citizens with regard to peaceful coexistence. Moreover, the Church will help the displaced persons in a pleasant way, the leaders said.

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