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ADDIS ABABA, August 18 (Xinhua) – Workayehu Begi, 50, suffered a serious back injury since falling off the stairs about a month ago, despite having received several medical treatment rounds from various health facilities. in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia.

Begi said her pain in the last two weeks has declined significantly since she was referred to the China-supported Tirunesh-Beijing Hospital for acupuncture treatment, an ancient Chinese treatment method in which fine needles are inserted into the skin at specific points to provide different treat physical and mental conditions.

"I was injured in a fall in my house, and doctors referred me to 15 days of acupuncture treatment and I now see visible difference," Begi said.

Emphasizing that acupuncture is not just a medical treatment, but a guide to a healthy lifestyle, she said that Chinese doctors working at the Tirunesh-Beijing Hospital also give her advice on how to stay healthy to prevent future ailments.

"They advise me to avoid frequent movements of my body, to sit correctly on chairs, to stand still or to sit for a long time, to eat vegetables and to exercise regularly." she said.

"This is a treatment that many have been cured with, I have also witnessed my physical improvements and now I teach my society about the benefits of acupuncture," said Begi.

While patients such as Begi are grateful for receiving a Chinese medical treatment for their pains, for Anemaw Workineh, 30, a nurse at the Tirunesh-Beijing Hospital, the collaboration with Chinese doctors has given him insight into the Chinese ethics of fast, efficient and hard work.

"Chinese doctors are fast reactors when you call them for help and they are diligent in their work," Workineh told Xinhua.

"There was a moment when one of our employees got an injury on his chin by a beating he received, our specialists were unable to operate the injured colleague, but the Chinese specialists performed successful maxillofacial surgery on the injured staff … I have witnessed a lot of change when working with Chinese specialists, in fact we have not exploited their full potential, "he said

The 20th batch of the Chinese medical team, which constitutes 16 medical professionals , is located in the Tirunesh-Beijing Hospital, also known as the Ethio-China Friendship Hospital, located in Akaki, on the edge of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. 19659002] The team, deployed at Tirunesh-Beijing Hospital, is continuing the medical mission from China to Ethiopia, which served the people of the East African country since 1974.

Consisting of 15 doctors and a translator, specializing in thirteen different medical majors, including cardiology, eye treatment, acupuncture and pathology treatment, the Chinese medical team treats Ethiopians regardless of their background, and in the process, transfer their medical knowledge to Ethiopian colleagues. 39; s.

Speaking with Xinhua, Zhao Cheng, Team Leader and cardiologist of the 20th Chinese medical team, said that since August 2017, his team has been providing medical services to Ethiopian patients, despite noticeable differences in prevalence of medical conditions between what they saw in China and Ethiopia.

"Chinese patients have many types of heart disease and suffer from tumors besides a normal disease, for African people there is a prevalence of infectious diseases and traffic accidents." he said.

Zhao also said that his medical team also worked hard to treat Ethiopians and Chinese expats who could not come to Tirunesh Beijing Hospital for various reasons.

"In addition to our daily work in Tirunesh Beijing Hospital, we have done medical treatment in more than 73 clinics and two Chinese companies that treated both Ethiopians and Chinese," Zhao said.

He is optimistic that the Chinese medical mission will continue to serve thousands of Ethiopians who need medical care while helping train a new group of Ethiopian medical professionals.

According to Zhao their dedication and service manifests the growing people to human relations between the two fraternal countries, more than four decades after the first Chinese medical team arrived in Ethiopia.

Especially among the previous Chinese medical staff in Ethiopia is the deceased physician Mei Gengnian, who led the first Chinese medical mission to Ethiopia more than 40 years ago. 19659002] Mei Gengnian died in a car accident in 1975 while serving local communities in the city of Oromia in Jimma, where he was still remembered and received a tribute from local community members.

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