Medemer or not Medemer, that is the question for all Ethiopians!

Al Mariam
August 27,2018


For Hamlet of Shakespeare the question was "Being or not being".

For me the question is "fellow or not fellow."

Hamlet, baffled to the extreme about his own fate, thought: "Whether it is nobler in the spirit to suffer / The garlands and arrows of excessive fortune, / Or to take arms against a sea of ​​trouble /. ..

I, also in the extreme baffled about the fate of Ethiopia, think about why some people who proclaim their love for Ethiopia choose not to help Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Megerssa and Gedu Andargachew like all the heavy work in Ethiopia's transition country dictatorship towards democracy.

Some people prefer to stand on the sidelines and scream and whine about why the troika has not solved all the problems of Ethiopia in five months.

If all the whining windbags on the sidelines were to put their shoulders on the handlebars and noses could reach the sharpening stone, it might be possible to solve all the problems of Ethiopia at night. But they think they are "Poof!" Abolish and solve all problems of Ethiopia with hot air.

In 2018, Abiy Lemma and Gedu turned away many garlands and arrows of excessive misfortune, prevented a civil war and transformed an Ethiopia into a deep sea of ​​trouble in an Ethiopia in incredible change of the sea.

Six months ago, I trembled in the cold sweat to Ethiopia, crawling to a creeping civil war. Today, I rejoice in the fact that God smiled at Ethiopia and led her from civil war to civil peace, civil administration, civility and civil reconciliation.

I appreciate Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Megerssa and Gedu Andargachew for their extraordinary work in transforming a firm civil war in an abundance of bourgeois peace, despite the devilish shame of the Forces of Darkness.

In a recent speech, Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam, the tough Ethiopian human rights, said at the moment in the history of Ethiopia, the only question is whether Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Megerssa and their team help or to lose the opportunity and face again the abyss.

In the last few months I asked the same question in a different form: do not ask what Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Megerssa and Gedu Andargachew can do for Ethiopia, ask what you can do for Ethiopia.

In other words, both me and Prof. Mesfin asks everyone to participate in the hard work by doing our little part. We ask everyone to practice what Abiy Ahmed & # 39; Medemer & # 39; calls or help each other as a core element of our Ethiopiawinet.

The enormous task of building the new Ethiopia is the responsibility of 100 million Ethiopians, not three people.

If only we could pile up ("Medemer") and do our small parts for the greater good of Ethiopia!

Ethiopians have an old saying. "If the web of spiders could be made into rope, it could bind a lion." If thousands of spiders would come together for a common purpose ("Medemer) and work together, they could cling to that great ole-king of the jungle.

If 100 million Ethiopians could only help each other (& # 39; Medemer & # 39;), they could not only elevate their country, but also the world.

"Medemer" means helping each other. To help means to give a hand, not a hand but a hand up.

We have so much power in our hands to help each other.

We take enormous kinetic energy when we make a fist simply by putting those little fingers in a fist.

Ten fingers that work together ("Medemer") can change the world for good or bad. The surgeon with a scalpel in his fingers saves life. The trigger finger on a gun takes life. The fingers of the artist, author and musician create beauty. The demagogue staggers with his finger to sow conflicts and disagreement.

When 5 tiny fingers come together ("Medemer"), they make a powerful fist. When 10 fingers have multiplied 100 million times, come together, they can lift a land.

That is what & # 39; Medemer & # 39; from Abiy Ahmed means to me. One billion fingers come together to get Ethiopia out of poverty, poverty, ignorance, ethnic division and hatred.

I hear the nattering-nabobs of negativism trivialize "Medemer" as "just a political slogan, it means nothing." They miss the point.

"Medemer" is simply applying the principle of inclusiveness.

In South Africa they call their inclusiveness "Ubuntu" (I am because you are.) In other words, you are part of me and what happens to you also affects me.) For Mandela, Ubuntu is the "deep feeling" that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we want to achieve something in this world, it will be equally due to the work and performance of others. "

As far as I am concerned, the "Medemer" of Abiy Ahmed is no different from Mandela & s. Ubuntu. "Medemer" is all about collaboration, cooperation, consultation, common cause, giving and taking, partnership, building alliances, teamwork, hand in hand and creating synergy for the common good.

"Medemer" is also rooted in MLK's idea of ​​"solidarity and care for the welfare of others" because we are "trapped in an inescapable network of reciprocity." Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said:

    "We all have to learn to live together as brothers or we will all perish together like fools, this is the big problem we face today, no individual can live alone, no nation can live alone, we are bound together. tied together in the only garment of fate, trapped in an inescapable network of reciprocity, and whatever happens directly affects everything indirectly For a strange reason I can never be what I should be until you are what you should This is the way God's universe is made, this is the way it's structured. "

For me that is all where & # 39; Medemer & # 39; it revolves around being tied together in one garment of destiny and being caught in an inescapable network of reciprocity.

The alternative is to die together as fools. How closely did we come together to die like fools!

When we practice "Medemer", we will do what Dr. King has determined: walking together, working together, going to prison together, partying together, crying together, laughing together, praying together, singing together and living together in peace until that moment when all the children of God – Amhara, Oromo, Tigray, Somalia , Gurage, Wolayita, Sidama, Afar and the other 75 or more groups of the Ethiopian family – will rejoice in one common bond of humanity.

When we practice the inclusive politics of "Medemer", in the poetic words of James Weldon Johnson, we

    Lift up every voice and sing,
    To call earth and heaven,
    Ring with the harmonies of Liberty;
    Let our joy increase
    High as the framing sky,
    Let it ring loudly like the rolling sea.
    Sing a song full of the belief that the dark past has taught us,
    Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us;
    Opposite the rising sun of our new day that began,
    Let's continue until victory is achieved …

When we develop a robust culture of inclusiveness, our identity becomes our humanity. We focus on what makes us human and not a member of an ethnic group, religion or region.

When we practice "Medemer", we ascend from our narrow ethnicity to our inclusive humanity or Ethiopianity.

When we practice inclusiveness or Ethiopiawinet, we no longer think in terms of "I, me, mine". We scale up to think about & # 39; we, we, ours & # 39; as human beings bound in one garment of destination, called the new Ethiopia.

It is by including that we can create a peaceful and harmonious society in which everyone feels they belong, which means that they feel absorbed.

When everyone feels absorbed and becomes part of the Ethiopian family, "Medemer" becomes our song of faith, of hope, of freedom, of democracy, of equality, of justice.

"Medemer" heralds our new day, our new Ethiopia, before the rising sun and becomes our national anthem, not a slogan, because we march until the victory is achieved.

Prof. dr. Mesfin Woldemariam: The question is to help or not to help Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Megerssa and Team Abby-Lemma?

When Prof. dr. Mesfin Woldemariam speaks, listens to most of us, and not necessarily because we agree with him. Many who disagree with him also listen. For many he was a teacher in the classroom and for many more a lawyer-teacher in the courtroom of public opinion.

Prof. dr. Mesfin is an inspiration for me.

For me, before he was a professor at the university, he was a professional dissenter. He has lived the hard, burdensome and intellectually lonely life of the dissenter, always expressing his truth to users, abusers, misgivers and losers in power.

During his 88 years on the planet, all the forces in Ethiopia have thrown their index fingers at him, clenched their fist in his face and pushed and pushed him in and out of prison. He, like the indefatigable camel, continued to walk. He continued to talk, teach, preach, and outreach while the dogs of the state continued to bark and keep their teeth on.

I got the tears when he told a meeting a few days ago [translated by author]:

    "… It is after such a long time that I have been invited to appear at a meeting like this." I am not the kind of person invited to attend a meeting like this. I have been invited to this event as proof of how much Ethiopia has changed [for inviting me] not private for myself but for Ethiopia. All of you who are here, like me, may not be the type that would have been invited to attend such a meeting. Today we are here and Ethiopia too.

    The question now is how to create an Ethiopia in which we all live in dignity Mesfin Woldemariampeaceful, live proudly as Ethiopians. We are the ones who can make her like this. To achieve this, we must purify egocentrism from our character … We must unite and go to bed hungry.

    Nowadays I have seen things that I have not seen in my life. I am 88 years old. I have seen many governments since the time of the Italian invasion [1935]. Until this time that God has sent us the two people, Abiy Ahmed and Lemma Megerssa, whom I believe are from heaven for us, [I had little hope]. These people have ideas, spirits and goals that they want to plant in the country. We need to join them (Medemer) and strive to plant the same ideas, spirit and objectives. That is the question now. There is no other question. There is no egocentricity. How do we help those people who have come up with new goals to plant their goals in Ethiopia? How can we help them so that what they are doing takes a long time, for our children and grandchildren? That is the question. We must help them to plant those ideas and objectives for all Ethiopian citizens, not for ethnic groups. Personally, for a long time I have, I do not know if I have one or two years, I promise to help these people by doing everything I can do … "

Prof. dr. Mesfin and myself are perhaps the first from the lobby of the human rights community to fully endorse and defend PM Abiy Ahmed.

In an Amharic commentary on April 22, 2018, Prof. dr. Mesfin:

    … Abiy is just starting. As he said himself, he begins to do his first job. He just takes his first steps. Let alone run, he barely runs. But it seems that there are many in the shadow to lure him into the trap. I believe that he traverses the country to save our people from dangerous intrigues. In my opinion, those who express bitter opposition to him can be transformed into becoming his followers …

How true. Those who were against Abiy Ahmed in the beginning are today die-hard fans and cheerleaders.

I gave Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed my unconditional support in my 6,755-word open letter six days after he took office.

I supported him because I knew he would face a meeting of doubt, condemnation, skepticism, fear, criticism, unfounded accusations and enmity. I knew he needed help and quickly. That is why I secured him from day one, I have his back.

I also gave him some useful advice that I followed in my life.

One advice comes from Mark Twain, the great American writer and humorist who said: "It is not the size of the dog in the fight that determines the outcome, it is the size of the fight in the dog." That is how David defeated Goliath. Abiy can also prevail.

In my second advice, I asked him to pay attention to an old saying about the devil and the storm. To those who say you are not strong enough to endure the storm, I want you to tell them, "I am the storm." To those who do not believe that you are the storm, tell them: "I am calm in the eyes of the storm." To those who do not believe that, tell them: "Just wait and see Cheetahs descending on you."

In the past seven months, Stormin & # 39; Abiy has changed so many things, my head just turns to think about it.

Why we should help Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Megerssa and Gedu Andargachew (Team Abiy) in the hard work to bring democracy to Ethiopia

Reason No. 1: In short, Team Abiy is the best hope we now have for freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia. No question about it!

There are many politicians who talk and blow big.

Abiy, Lemma and Gedu talk the conversation and walk it too!

Seven months ago Ethiopia was on the verge of a civil war. Nowadays Ethiopia cherishes itself in peace and freedom.

Reason no. 2: Team Abiy saved the day. They saved us from the Day of Armageddon. They have all saved us by preaching love and teaching us to go the path of forgiveness and reconciliation, because the other path only leads to destruction. We could be cursed with bobbed pants that preach the philosophy of "eye for eye". If we had sought revenge instead of reconciliation, Ethiopia would today be a nation of 100 million blind people. Instead, we have 100 million people with a clear view who believe that the best days of Ethiopia are yet to come!

Reason No. 3: Team Abiy stores walls and builds bridges. They break the mud walls of the kilil, one mud block at a time.

In January 2011, I predicted: "When the mud walls of African dictatorships fall down, the palaces of illusion disappear behind those walls without trace." If Ethiopians and the rest of Africa "hope for a better future, they will have to build a fort of freedom that is impregnable for the festoons and arrows of bourgeois dictators and the wild musketrie of military juntas."

In February 2013 I predicted how the end would come if the mud walls of the ethnic dictatorship in Ethiopia fall down.

    The mud walls of the dictatorship in Ethiopia show ever expanding cracks since the death of the arch architect of dictatorship Meles Zenawi sometime last summer. The irony of history is that the question is no longer whether Ethiopia like Humpty Dumpty will be like the King & # 39; and & # 39; men of the king & # 39; have committed to make it for twenty years. The tables are turned around. Despite a wall of impregnable secrecy, the "men of the king and their horses". in a state of disorder and dissolution. They lost their vision when they lost their visionary. The old saying goes: "In the land of the blind, the king is the king with one eye." Now, the king is no longer; and the & # 39; men and horses of the king & # 39; are lost in the wilderness of their own wickedness, intrigue and deceit.

Are the forces of darkness lost today in the wilderness of their own wickedness, intrigues and deceit?

In January 2013, I also predicted the emergence of a new generation of Chee-Hippo bridge builders. I wrote the Cheetah (Abo Shemane, younger) generation of Abiy, Lemma and Gedu will join forces with my Hippo (older) generation to "build bridges to connect people in search of democracy, freedom and human rights." build bridges over ethnic canyons and connect people stranded on islands of home countries (kilils), bridge the gap between language, religion and region, build bridges to connect the rich with the poor, build bridges of national unity To harmonize diversity, they build bridges to connect the youth at home with the youth in the diaspora, and Chee-Hippos will build social and political networks to make the youth stronger.

I believe that is exactly what is happening today. Chee-Hippos that demolish mud walls and build steel bridges.

Why I will help Team Abiy as good as possible

I have no political ambitions. In the past 13 years I have stated many times that I have nothing but disdain for those who hunger and thirst for power.

I support Abiy, Lemma and Gedu because they believe and practice the integration politics.

I loathe the politics of exclusion, division, discrimination, dehumanization, repression and personal destruction.

I will help them because I share their core views.

First and foremost, they, like me, believe in Ethiopia WINet. We do not believe in EthiopiawiNOT.

In January 2012, I stated: "Choose your humanity before your ethnicity and nationality."

But when my Ethiopiawinet was challenged, I taught the forces of darkness the meaning of Ethiopiawinet.

I believe that I am the first person to ever issue a personal proclamation (of 5,544 words) declaring "I, PROUD ETHIOPIAN" when my Ethiopiawinet was challenged by the Forces of Darkness.

SecondLike me, Abiy, Lemma and Gedu believe in the rule of law. I was proud that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed yesterday taught members of the press the practical meaning of the rule of law. He said that no one would be deprived of his right, except with strict observance of the rule of law. That is a fair process.

When asked about the delay in disclosing information to the public about the status of the investigation into the bombing of June 23rd, Prime Minister Abiy demonstrated to the world that he means what he says and says what he means when he talks about the rule of the law. He did not mention the suspects, but discussed the professional aspects of the police investigation.

Compare that with the rule by law by Meles Zenawi.

During the "terrorism" process of Swedish journalists Johan Persson and Martin Schibbye in 2011, Meles declared Zenawi,

They are at least messenger boys from a terrorist organization. They are not journalists. Why would a journalist be involved in a terrorist organization and enter a country with that terrorist organization, escorted by armed terrorists, and participate in a fight involving this terrorist organization? If that is journalism, I do not know what terrorism is.

Shortly afterwards Persson and Schibbye were convicted and were given a long prison sentence.

PM Abiy, well aware that the suspects tried to kill him and were caught red-handed, said absolutely nothing about their case, because he knows the applicable rule of law, art. 20 (3) of the Ethiopian Constitution: "The accused have the right to be presumed innocent until they have been found guilty according to the law."

Thirdas they believe in the power of love, nonviolence, forgiveness and reconciliation. In my very first public statement in July 2006, I said: "I believe that we prove the righteousness of our cause, not on battlefields drenched in blood and filled with corpses, but in the living hearts and minds of men and women of goodwill "For me, from day 1 it was a struggle for the heart and spirit of Ethiopian men and women of goodwill. In the first place it was about truth and reconciliation, in hearts and thoughts.

No one has ever won the hearts and minds of the people by using hatred, violence and revenge.

But Abiy Ahmed has won the hearts and minds of the Ethiopian people by preaching love, nonviolence, forgiveness and reconciliation. I challenge everyone to refute me on this point!

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, Ethiopia will have peace and no civil war, thanks to Abiy Ahmed!

Fourthas they believe in inclusion. After living in America for almost fifty years, I never felt excluded because I included myself in everything I wanted. In it I felt the character of Ayn Rand (founder of objectivism, who defends individuality and self-reliance) in one of her novels that resounds the opinion: "The question is not who will allow me, it is who stops me." I talk to my career truthfully about anything.

Long before Barack Obama declared it, I practiced and lived the politics of inclusion in my life: "There is no liberal America and a conservative America – there is the United States of America." There is no Black America and a White America and Latino America. and Asian America – there is the United States of America. "

That is exactly my policy of including Ethiopiawinet. There is no Oromoo Ethiopia, no Amhara Ethiopia, no Tigray Ethiopia … There is only ETHIOPIA WINET!

FifthI have to confess to Abiy, Lemma and Gedu are better than me. They are modest, unpretentious, gentle, patient, modest, sincere and tolerant. That is great because I can learn so much from them. After seeing them in action, I descended from my high horse and became one with the people of Ethiopia.

Dr. King said, "Everyone must decide whether to walk in the light of creative altruism or the darkness of destructive selfishness." The most stubborn and urgent question of life is: What do you do for others? & # 39;

Nelson Mandela learned almost the same thing. "What counts in life is not just the fact that we have lived, it is what difference we have made to the lives of others who determine the meaning of the life we ​​lead."

Every day I see Abiy, Lemma and Gedu set the example by working for Ethiopian unity, peace and reconciliation.

We know what Abiy, Lemma and Gedu do for Ethiopia. The question for all of us is: "What do we do for our people? What positive difference do we make in their lives?"

My plea to the Hippo Generation to support Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Megerssa and Gedu Andargachew

I beg those in my Hippo (older) generation to get up and help the Cheetah (Abo Shemane) generation of Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Megerssa and Gedu Andargachew as they do all the heavy work in the transition country Ethiopia from dictatorship to democracy .

I do my plea because I do not want our history to repeat itself.

I have this nagging, nagging fear of history that repeats itself in Ethiopia: we never miss a chance to miss a chance!

I will paraphrase President Abraham Lincoln's speech for Congress in December 1862, a month before he gave the emancipation proclamation, when concluding my speech:

    Fellow-Ethiopians. We can not escape history. We of the older generation will be remembered in spite of ourselves. No personal meaning or insignificance can be forfeited by any of us. The fiery trial that we are going through will enlighten us, for honor or dishonor, for the younger generation. We say we are for Ethiopia. The world will not forget that we say this. We know how to save Ethiopia. The world knows that we can save it. We have the power and bear the responsibility.

    Today we will save noble, the last hope for peace, reconciliation and a bright future for Ethiopia, or, in general, lose. Other means and men and women can succeed. But this blessed journey we have started with Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Megerssa and Gedu Andargachew can not and must not fail, because failure is not an option for us!

We MUST help and support Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Megerssa and Gedu Andargachew MOEDEREN with all our heart and mind!

The fate of Ethiopia is in our hands
The solution to our problems is in our hands.

If we want to defeat our deadly enemies – poverty, disease, ignorance, ethnic division, struggle and hatred – once and for all, we must be inclusive, not exclusive, divided, isolating, discriminating or destructive.

According to legend, a boy once caught a small bird and brought it to an old man to deceive him. He placed the bird in his bowl-shaped palms and asked, "Old man, can you guess what I have in my hands?" The old man replied, "You have a bird, my son." The boy, disappointed that he could not deceive The old man replied: "If you're so smart, tell me this bird is alive or dead?"

The old man paused because he knew that if he said the bird was alive, the boy would squeeze his hands and crush the little bird. If he said the bird is dead, the boy would just open his hands and let the bird fly. The old man replied, "Well, that is entirely up to you, my son, because the bird is in your hands."

The destination of Ethiopia is completely in our hands, not in the hands of Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Megerssa and Gedu Andargachew.

Ethiopia will live or die based on what we do with our hands.

If we want Ethiopia to live forever and thrive, we need to give Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Megerssa and Gedu Andargachew a helping hand in the hard work.

We must join hands with them (Medemer) and take Ethiopia out of poverty, disease, ignorance, ethnic conflicts and hatred.

We MUST all practice "Medemer" to release Ethiopia like a bird!

Medemer today.

Medemer tomorrow.

Medemer forever!

Note from the editors: this comment appeared for the first time on Al Mariam blog

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