Mustafa discusses his plans for DDSI [DAAWO]

JIGJIGA – Mustafa Mohamed Omar [Cagjar], The new President of the Ethiopian Somali region, who interviewed the VOA, talked about changing the name and the local flag and said it was a decision by the public.

"We want to do what we want our citizens, the flag and the name of the local community to be restored as before, we do not hesitate for a moment that someone doubts, we are proud of our name and our flag," said Mustafa.

In his words, Mustafa stood up with the main points he would focus on in his office, taking several steps in his conviction that he should respond.

"The main points we will discuss are: the humanitarian situation in the area is a serious problem, uniting the Somali communities, which are on the horizon and reinforce the policy of inclusive," said Mustafa.

Humanitarian Affairs said he had trampled over the past 27 years, he said he was not satisfied, and promised Mustafa that his new government would do more to address these issues.

"People have been treated like animals in recent years, we are working to make people live free, without fear, and there will be no local communities in the community," said Mustafa.

The Somali President has extended the mandate of his government to end the protracted conflict in Somalia and Oromia, which killed hundreds of civilians.

"We know that there will be our members who do not agree with us, we are preparing to tackle them and we are willing to criticize them, and we are ready," he said, referring to President Mustafa.

Heegan, who last week has chosen this position, will remain in power until 2020, which will take place in the constituency to elect a president.


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