Prime Minister defeats divisions within EPRDF, vows continuous reform

Abiy-Ahmed presser25 August 2018 – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed addressed his first press conference yesterday and discussed a number of issues, including ongoing reforms and challenges within EPRDF, conflicts in Jigjiga and elsewhere, and the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The prime minister trivialized the rumors gap within the EPRDF, especially with the TPLF, and said that both the TPLF and the people at Tigray are fully behind the references. He said that if there is resistance, it is from individuals who have lost their benefits from their previous positions, and these individuals can be found in all four parties within the EPRDF.

Dr. Abiy said the federal government had to exercise restraint in the Somali region to stop serious human rights violations, such as detaining prisoners in cages like wild animals, causing psychological damage.

He also said that the recent murder of Djiboutian in the city of Dire Dawa was an orchestration to throw the entire region into a conflict.

Speaking of former Somali regional state leader Abdi Illey, he said his fate is something that will be handled by the country's law enforcement agencies. He said that investigations are also under way on major issues such as the bomb attack on 23 June and the killing of Sigmegnew Bekele.

About delays in the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia, he said that Salini will complete his part of the project on time and now it demands huge payments due to delays from Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC). He added that we have handed over a complicated water vapor project to people (METEC) who have not seen a dam in their lives.

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