The belligerent authorities of the Tigray region have released detained federal police members

Tigray government says it is not against the change in Ethiopia while she defies lawfully and acts against the federal government

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Alula Aba Nega Airport in Tigray
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18,2018 August

The government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed faces a serious challenge in relation to the maintenance of the rule of law, as state and non-state actors take the law into their own hands for the purpose of to achieve their own political goals

In addition to the Somali regional state in the eastern parts of Ethiopia where dozens of Ethiopians were killed and more than 10 churches were burned by special forces (Liyu Hail) and the Youth Group organized by the regional president (now arrested), regional region Tigray state turned out to be one of the state actors that posed a threat in terms of opposition to federal power and the embracing of laws osheid which is thought to have the intentions to reverse the ongoing reforms and political reforms in the country.

Some senior military generals and former top political leaders currently living in the region are linked to part of the ethnic violence in different parts of the country.

On July 31 DW Amharic reported that 40 heavily armed men dressed in Ethiopian federal police uniform were "besieged" when they landed at the international airport Alula Aba Nega in Mekelle.

As it turned out, and as reported by the BBC, they were members of the federal police on a mission to detain some former senior government officials involved in alleged criminal activities.

Instead of cooperating with the federal government to defend itself against the rule of law and the constitution by extension, regional state Tigray decided to overpower the federal police and hold them – obviously it ignores the sovereign power of the government of Abiy Ahmed. The reason to arrest them was that they entered "Tigray region without the consent of the Tigray government".

The Ethiopian government made no statement about the situation, nor did the Ethiopian state media report on the development, although it was Amharic news on BBC.

Yesterday the same news source reported in Amharic that Tigray region has released members of the Federal Police Anti-Terrorist forces and they are reportedly in Addis Ababa.

The source added that they were detained in "Federal Camp" – apparently federal military barrack in the region. And observers say that the regional state of Tigray has no constitutional power, whatever, to do so. BBC Amharic quoted the communication head of the region, Redai Halefom, to report that the anti-terrorist task force "was unnecessary because there was nothing" that got out of hand for the regional government nor did the regional government ask for help from the federal government. "The federal government Anti-terrorist task forces must have a special order to be in the region, he implied.

" We had to communicate with the federal government to find out why they came to Tigray and had to stay until we agreement with the federal government, "he added.Now there is no reason for their" stay "in Tigray, we decided to send them back, Redai Halefom talked to BBC Amharic Despite the power, it seems unlikely that the federal authorities flew to the Tigray region in Ethiopia without informing the relevant authorities in the region and Ethiopians wondered how the regional authorities acted.

Last week, the regional government was involved in public relations, seeming to convince Ethiopians that Tigray People & # 39; s Liberation Front (TPLF) is not against the change in Ethiopia.

In a press statement on the "situation of the country", vo chairman and head of the regional government of TPLF, Debresion Gebremichael, said: "TPLF will never be an obstacle to change in the country." His party would rather support "reform or change agenda, as long as it is based on the Constitution of Ethiopia. "

Debresion added that his party is in" good shape "to bring about a fundamental change, as decided by the party's central committee.

Meanwhile, there seems to be a feeling among some political activists that TPLF is playing dead but should never be trusted. They ask the government to take strict measures against corrupt members of TPLF and bring them before the law.

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