Carrefour opens pedestrian rides & # 39; in Paris

Carrefour opens in Paris & car-free rides & # 39; in closed stores in July. Carrefour has presented a project to transform ten Paris convenience stores into pedestrian rides & # 39 ;, including nine former Dia stores closed in July, according to the CGT. The project was presented to representative staff on Friday, AFP told the CGT, which sees the confirmation that the brand "voluntarily" has delayed the search for buyers for ex-Dia stores. The management of Carrefour could not be accompanied by AFP Sunday afternoon.

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With a & # 39; pedestrian drive & # 39; consumers can get their groceries on the internet for free in a store in the center, at the price of a hypermarket. The distributor has opened its first sales points of this type, which are offered in addition to the classic "ride" and home delivery, in Lyon and Saint-Étienne in April. The opening is scheduled for early December in Paris.

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For the CGT "we can imagine" that with all ex-Dia stores closed as part of the restructuring of the nearby entity (closure of 243 stores with more than 1,700 employees and sales of 30 others), Carrefour "has the opportunity to dissociate its competitors "in the development of this new concept, which" confirms "that Carrefour" voluntarily limited its search for buyers for ex-Dia stores ", bought back in 2014," because the sign did not want to sell its sites to competitors ", says the CGT. She knew "even before closing stores that it would be reopened in a different format," says the trade union, which sees an "unfair practice" for the Negotiations on the Employment Protection Plan (ESP) and for employees.

The CGT challenges the homologation by the labor administration of the PES in court. "Our property is our network of territory", had argued in April the direction of Carrefour at the time of the opening of the first "drive-pedestrians". Ex-employees who have been dismissed from the nine ex-Dia stores involved have "priority", says the CGT. He calls for the priority, in the event that positions remain available, to be extended to the "employees of the branch in the center of Paris".


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