Free and RED by SFR stop discounts tomorrow 🔴

Receive a mobile subscription at affordable rates, it is always possible to spend a few hours. While most telecom providers have stopped their promotions, Free and RED by SFR continue their good plans until Monday evening. Last chance to enjoy!

RED Free mobile package

Changing your mobile subscription can be interesting if you are at the right time. In this case, September and September are generally known to see many special offers from French operators: B & You, Sosh, Free and RED by SFR have had some great promotions on their mobile subscription.

Nowadays there is only that of Free Mobile and that of RED of SFR. As a reminder, for one or the other, you have to be a new customer to enjoy it. They are really very beneficial, and this largely justifies the change of operator for this mobile plan.

RED by SFR: a mobile subscription of 15 euros is encouraged

RED of SFR in September largely jumped over the competition for offers on mobile plan. The operator currently offers two very competitive packages on mobile devices (and others on the internet box that we will describe below):

The big advantage of these two mobile plans at RED by SFR is that we are absolutely sure of the quality of the network of the operator. These packages are indeed based on one of the best telecom networks in France (according to ARCEP) with coverage of more than 99% of the territory for 3G and more than 97% for 4G. You are therefore assured of a good reception wherever you are.

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Please note, these two offers are valid until Monday evening!

Good mobile plan

Current offers at RED by SFR

Free mobile: 60 GB + unlimited discount for 1 year

Another great promotion of the moment in the mobile plan: Free's offer. The French low-cost provider currently offers a subscription of 8.99 euros per month with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 60 GB internet data. On this consumption it is possible to use 3 GB abroad (Europe).

This is probably the best planning of the moment for the first 12 months, because then the price of the mobile subscription goes up to 19.99 euros. Fortunately, this free mobile subscription is not binding, so it is possible to unsubscribe at any time.

The offer is limited to Tuesday, it is the time to never use it.

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Free mobile package

Free mobile offers

Who of the internet subscription?

With RED by SFR there is also a nice promotion on the internet box. Indeed, the subscription without obligation with internet at very high speed (200 MB / s in download and 50 MB / s in transmission), with the calls to mobile phones and fixed in unlimited, is sold for 20 euros per month. For those who do not qualify for fiber optics, this subscription is sold for 15 euros per month. The offer is valid until October 8, 2018, there are still a few days

You can find everything here:

See RED by SFR offer

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