The fall in housing tax will continue to exist for 80% of French

Approximately 17 million households have been affected.

Abolition of the housing tax for 80% of the French, act II. The fiscal account for 2019 plans to reduce the housing tax by 35% next year. The government has indeed spread the implementation of this flagship measure of the presidential program over three years: 2018, 2019 and 2020. The reform has been much in the news, but the French who are part of the 80% involved see today only the color : home tax messages confirming the first 30% drop come from 28 September.

Households have until 15 or 20 November to pay, depending on the chosen payment method. New 2018, from € 1000, must be paid online or by direct debit (monthly or on the due date). Approximately 17 million households, whose reference income is less than € 27,000 for a single person and € 43,000 for a couple, are affected by the gradual abolition of the housing tax. To know if …

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