To do good for the planet, they ask for a day without buying this Monday

A group of citizens are calling for a boycott of consumption on 1 October. – Daina The Lardic / Isopix / Sipa

Do not buy anything for a day. Do not withdraw money, do not use gas or credit cards. Nothing, no kopeck. This consumer boycott, citizens decided to put it into practice this Monday, 1 October.

After walking around in front of the planet and "facing the slowness of governments and business strategies led by economic imperatives in the short term", many have decided to be heard differently.

Initiated by Boycott citizen and i-, these activists have decided to act where they have power: consumption.

A movement in line with the movement that took shape in Morocco. A call for the boycott of certain brands had been launched and the Danone group had to announce a fall in prices due to the fall in sales.

"Let's stop eating, let's get rid of their money, and they'll have to hear us." Defend leaders, lobbies and companies from their consumers so that they can finally listen to their citizens. "No demand, no offer. consumption, no growth, "says the call on social networks and has already attracted 19,000 people.

For these nature conservationists, it is necessary to bend the 100 companies that generate 70% of the carbon emissions.

"Let us impose our rules before the climate sets us in motion, the news, those who have changed because our system did not want to hear it", they emphasize that they are ready to renew the first. November.

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