In order to stay ahead, Netflix accelerates in France

Four years after its launch in France, Netflix is ​​taking the next step with the opening of an office in Paris and the announcement of seven new programs to satisfy more and more French subscribers, as well as increased competition.

"We double our investments in France" with seven new programs, the CEO announced Reed Hastings, who passed Thursday in Paris on the site of the shooting of the series of anticipation osmosis.

Several tens of millions of euros invested. The Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) platform invests "tens of millions of euros", with three new French series projects and the purchase of three French films and documentaries, in addition to the seven French programs that already exist in the announced last months.

The relative failure of his first French series Marseille, pushed back by criticism and canceled after two seasons, the platform did not cool down. "Our greatest international success today is The Casa de Papel and we want to produce more programs of this type, new and good travel, "said the boss.

Among the new projects: a comic series in which a group of friends turns into a coffee shop & # 39 ;, a slaughterhouse in disrepair, a series of horror in which the monstrous characters created by a writer come to life and a series of vampires adapted from a De novel by Thierry Jonquet. In addition, two documentaries, including solidarity written by Stéphane de Freitas, the director of the highly regarded aloud who followed an eloquent contest in Saint-Denis, and two films, including commuters directed by rapper Kery James.

"Netflix came to us very early," says the team from one of the purchased movies. In February, Europe 1 presented you Paris is a party, film shot with 4.000 euro budget by a team consisting of a dozen young motivated. Ultimately, the project is one of Netflix's new programs.

"Netflix came to us very early when the Crowdfunding campaign began to make noise," Paul Saisset, communication director for the project, told Europe1. If the film team initially preferred a theatrical release, faced with the disappointing offers from distributors who "limited us to small rooms in Paris and a few big cities", they eventually accept it. "We have the will to reach a large audience, including those who do not go to the cinema, so the Netflix offer fits us well enough," says Paul Saïsset.

But no question for the feature film crew "that the film drowned in the catalog" of the platform. "The condition for an agreement was that Netflix does everything to promote the film and they also have the opportunity to bring it Paris is a party at festivals, one of our ambitions ", Paul Saïsset explains, the film will be released in early 2019, after a projection for entrants" before the end of the year ".

The office in Paris employs about twenty people. To accompany these new productions, Netflix is ​​reopening an office in Paris, following the example of its London office, which will employ a team of 20 people, with staff to find the key. The platform had set up a small team in Paris in 2014, but it was quickly closed and transferred to the Netherlands: "It was too early, today we invest because our subscriber file French is growing fast," says Reed Hastings.

Without telling the exact number of these subscribers in France, the boss confirmed that it was almost 3.5 million, a figure circulating in the press. In total, the platform claims to have 130 million users in 190 countries. The French offices will not include studios, as opposed to the Spanish buildings of Netflix, and locations for recordings are spread across the Paris region.

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