Private France Culture, Michel Onfray stops the People & # 39; s University of Caen

The philosopher has learned that his lessons in this association of popular education that he founded in 2002 were no longer broadcast on the public channel. Figure from the left has been politically incorrect over the years, Michel Onfray denounces an attack on freedom of speech.

"I stop, it's sixteen years now that I fight, I pass the torch," Michel Onfray, bitterly lost, figaro. The philosopher, known for his successful works and his often hostile releases against the political and media world, announced Friday on his website that "he will not teach this year or the coming years" at the People & # 39; s University of Caen. This atheist and libertarian thinker founded this association of popular education, open to all and for free, in 2002 and ensures his teachings every year, he speaks out before 1500 people. A small achievement in the world of philosophy.

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Michel Onfray could not bear to learn that France Culture put an end to their cooperation, which revealed Marianne starting Thursday. Every summer the radio channel broadcasted its classes again. Successful, because according to him "almost a million podcasts have been downloaded in the summer". "I was not even immediately informed, it's my publisher, Patrick Frémeaux, who sent me an e-mail he had received from the director of France Culture", explains the philosopher figaro. "Sandrine Treiner ends unilaterally [cette] cooperation on the channel that she leads – with a minister appointed by Emmanuel Macron as guardian, "he writes in his statement, suggesting that the decision is more political in nature than anything else.

Contact recorded by Le Figaro, the director of France Culture reacted sharply to the words of the philosopher. "There is no political pressure, it is ridiculous, we have supported it enormously, but there is no right to French culture and, in terms of pluralism, the question arose to distribute a single essayist every summer. all power, political strength, but also the strength of Michel Onfray, "says Annoyed Sandrine Treiner.

"Take the torch"

"It is clear that no one will give political pressure", sighs Michel Onfray, who believes that freedom of speech is at risk. "Some people are fed up with Zemmour or Finkielkraut.If people think critically, someone prefers to discredit the thinker instead of confronting his thought, Eric Zemmour must be racist, I do not know what someone will find me, "says the philosopher, mockingly. While Michel Onfray launched his popular university in 2002 in response to the accession of Jean-Marie Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election a year earlier, the philosopher no longer hesitates about the spectrum of the threat that he believes would be public life. heavy. "The fight against the ideas of the FN that motivated the founding of the Popular University in 2002 must now be extended to everyone who puts the freedom of conscience, thought and expression at risk, and they are much more numerous than at that time. more numerous and all the more dangerous now that they are in power, "he writes on his website, focusing on Emmanuel Macron, whom he has not saved from his political-philosophical remarks since the 2017 presidential election.

The director of France Culture explains her decision very differently. "Popular university courses have responded to different divisions for years, his" history of philosophy "was extremely controversial and provocative, Michel Onfray was on France Culture's grid all summer from Monday to Friday, but since last year he has opted for a much shorter format and only retrieves his books Half of the fourteen lessons are devoted to a debate with the public Last summer we only broadcasted them at the weekend I'm sorry to have to say that this no longer meets our standards, "says Sandrine Treiner.

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Beyond his deposition of French culture, the philosopher faces other difficulties with his popular university. The association does indeed have difficult relationships with the city hall of Caen, where most classes are organized. "For the second year, the city of Caen has not been able to find a place that would probably welcome me so that I can give fourteen sessions of my course for free," writes Michel Onfray. "The board of directors of the University of Caen has also not accepted to rent us the amphitheater of the Faculty of Medicine, it is an ideological decision," adds the philosopher figaro.

Since January, while the rest of the lessons are still found in Caen, it is in another city in Normandy, Deauville, that Michel Onfray has given his course, at the invitation of the mayor LaREM Philippe Augier. From "The morphology of the Jewish-Christian civilization" to "By the end of civilization" a new series of fourteen conferences was planned from October 2018 to March 2019 in the seaside resort. "Today's director of France Culture calls for a program of organization and reproaches me not having warned me about my program too early, but she did this for six months", the philosopher justifies.

"Dorothée Schwartz, who has been carrying an adventure with me since 2002, will welcome the Université Populaire in the coming year", says Michel Onfray on his website. The inauguration of the next season will be at the Caen Conservatory on October 12 without me. The adventure is now in the hands of one of the team members who would like to take the torch ", Michel Onfray concludes, the agora normande, who has been operating the path of philosophy to so many insiders for sixteen years, is in crisis. a page that Michel Onfray himself started to write sixteen years ago at the popular university to find a new philosopher against the current to combine pedagogy and freedom of mind.

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