Yann Moix explains the reason for his rough comments against the police

Yann Moix wants to close the controversy.

Saturday, September 30, 2018, in the show The Terrans of Saturday animated by Thierry Ardisson, the former chronicler ofWe are not lying (France 2) came one last time to his remarks that induced the police and even the Minister of the Interior, who decided to file a complaint after comments he described as:offensive and slanderousin a tweet.

Yann Moix, who had already said that he regretted his rude words at LCI, spoke to put out the fire. "What I should have said last week is that the police is a phenomenon and a two-headed, schizophrenic monster. On the one hand, the working conditions are terrible. Maybe we should have remembered it. They lack the resources, the support, the support and sometimes the firm and clear political words (…) And there is another trap in which they are caught. This is the only police violence I witnessed myself and with which I was confronted", he said with a camera that reminded that young migrants had undergone the treatment that the French police had reserved.It is a significant trauma that stayed at home. It may have distorted my reading grid of general reality", he added, aware of being too far away and being guided by his"anger".

As a reminder, it was on September 22 last at C8 that the new columnist Thierry Ardisson had fallen on the set against the investigative journalist Frédéric Ploquin, who presented his book Fear has changed (Editions Albin Michel) and two police officers came to witness their difficult daily lives. Yann Moix had assured the French police "one of the most violent in Europe"and that the police"chi *** nt in their pantsThe former chronicler ofWe are not lying (France 2) had also accused the police ofmake himself the victim of the length of the television program & # 39; sIn the wake he had launched a final criticism, which had not been accepted at all: "Fear in your stomach, you do not have the means to go to dangerous places."

Shocked by the words of Yann Moix he had judged "vomit"And"shameful", the Alternative Police Confederation had also announced CFDT through a statement that it had decided to take over the Superior Council of Audiovisual World (CSA).

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