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A man on the verge of death because of a … Cotton swab ⋆ Potins.net

A 31-year-old man got a serious infection after a piece of cotton swab was stuck in his ear canal.

Native of Coventry, in England, a 31 year old man was rushed to theHospital. He suffered convulsions and pain in his left ear. Severe headache also resulted in vomiting and memory problems.

He suffered for 5 years

These ear problems were not new. Indeed, he was often in pain for five years. The doctors then thought of a serious one ear infection. However, after administering antibiotics, they decided to examine his ear under general anesthesia. The medical team then discovered the cotton bud.

The thirties were operated on and the doctors were able to remove the piece of cotton swab responsible for the infection. They then diagnosed him necrotizing external otitis. This infection is usually caused by a bacterium that affects the ear canal, the surrounding bone and the tissues in the skull.

The patient has fully recovered. Indeed, treated with antibiotics for ten weeks, the young man was not botheredno neurological or auditory consequences. On the other hand, he is forbidden to re-use cotton buds, reports the Daily mail.

Unnecessary sources of pollution and dangerous to health, swabs must disappear from our bathrooms!

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