a photo of his son Jules Benchetrit impresses internet users (PHOTO)

Director Samuel Benchetrit shared a photo of his son Jules, the fruit of his union with the late Marie Trintignant, which moved internet users immensely.

Marie Trintignant has been gone for 17 years. Suddenly deceased on August 1, 2003, to the blows of her then companion, singer Bertrand Cantat, the actress has remained in the hearts of many French people. In 2019, Carla Bruni and Béatrice Dalle paid a vivid tribute to this exceptional actress, revealed in 1978 by the film Black series. Last summer, Valérie Trierweiler published a portrait of Marie Trintignant on her Instagram account to revive her memory. Recall that the former First Lady at the time was reporting on the trial of Bertrand Cantat for Paris Match. But it is clear to her family that Marie Trintignant’s absence is cruelly felt. His father Jean-Louis Trintignant never really recovered and has repeatedly confided his guilt. Her mother, Nadine Trintignant, did not forgive Bertrand Cantat and let her anger erupt on TV.

Jules Benchetrit in the footsteps of his mother

And then there are the four sons of the actress who had to build themselves up largely without a mother: Roman (34 years old), son of the telephone drummer Romain Kolinka, Paul (27 years old), born from his union with François Cluzet, Léon (24 years old). ), the child she had from the cinema technician Mathias Othnin-Girard and finally Jules (22 years old), the fruit of her love with Samuel Benchetrit. The youngest of the siblings hardly knew his mother, as he explained in the Gala columns in November 2019: “My dad raised me alone, he was still quite young (thirty years old, editor’s note), it was a bit of a mess. He was doing really well, but people don’t know what could have been our galleys. “ Despite his young age, Jules Benchetrit has already had a career for ten years. It was in 2008 that the son of Samuel Benchetrit and Marie Trintignant made his film debut under the direction of his father in comedy. With Gino. After a performance in romance A meeting worn by Sophie Marceau and François Cluzet, Jules Benchetrit finds his father Asphalt. And last year he plays a young offender who finds his rescue by playing the piano Within reach. A strong role that earned him to appear in Caesar’s 2019 list of 34 revelations.

Samuel Benchetrit proud of his son

Last Friday, Samuel Benchetrit, who has shared the life of Vanessa Paradis for several years, reminded his followers of the fond memories of his son, of whom he seems very proud. On Instagram, the director posted a beautiful black and white photo of the young man with this heart cry: “My Jules!” Internet users were amazed at the charisma of this star seed: “Your son is too handsome”, “He looks like his mother”, “Ohlala he’s grown up!”, “A little bit of Di Caprio”, “Magnificent actor and beautiful as his mother … “

Discover the photo of Jules Benchetrit who has impressed internet users

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