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Additional retirement: changes according to your profile

Since 1 January 2019 there is a new version of the supplementary pension system. The result is, among other things, the creation of a new single regime (Agirc-Arcco) and an increase in the membership contribution for affiliates. But other changes have been introduced through this reform of an agreement of October 30, 2015. This is what you can expect based on your profile.


Changes for a non-managerial working woman

For a non-managerial employee who receives a salary of 28,000 euros gross per year, or 21,600 euros net, the contribution to Agirc-Arrco increases. It goes from about € 1,092 per year to € 1,123. An increase that automatically leads to a decrease in the net taxable salary, in the order of 31 euros. The problem? Despite an increased premium, the annual amount of supplementary pension decreases from 130 euros to 127 euros.

For a man employee executive

A manager who receives 40,000 euros a year gross benefits from a boost thanks to the reform. The amount of the contributions decreases in interesting proportions, in the order of -17% compared to the old system, from 1 935 euros per year to 1 604 euros. The key is a profit on the net taxable salary of 331 euros per year. But his supplementary pension decreases by 23% compared to the old regime.

For a non-managerial technician

If you belong to the category of non-professional technicians and you receive an annual salary of 46,000 euros gross (35 420 euros net), you will see that your contributions increase by 5%. A new leak caused by the reform: the contribution of the technical balance (CET). The reform also generates a loss of 107 euros on the net taxable salary for this profile and a loss on the annual amount of the supplementary pension, from 260 euros to 251 euros.

For a non-executive employee in paid employment

Another profile: a non-executive employee with a substantial annual salary of 140,000 euros. For this single profile the contributions increase by 32%: they go from 8 701 euros per year to 11 486 euros. An increase that results in a decrease of the annual net taxable salary to – 2785 euros. However, this profile will earn 270 euros more in the future supplementary old-age pension, 27% better than before.

The profile of a senior manager

The executive paid € 180,000 a year and is undoubtedly one of the biggest losers of the new regime. Contributions increase by 10%, from 13,987 euros to 15,434 euros; for a loss of net taxable annual salary of 1,447 euros. A strong premium increase, a fall in net pay and an important payout of only 5 euros per year on the future supplementary old-age pension.

For an older female employee with three children

An employee with a senior management status who receives a gross annual salary of € 100,000 (net € 77,000) and who has three children has an annual increase of 9%. They will now amount to € 7,546 while they were only € 6,923 per year. This translates into a loss on the annual net taxable salary of more than 600 euros (623 euros). However, the annual amount of the supplementary pension will decrease slightly, from 926 euros before the reform to 922 euros after the reform.

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