an emblematic adventurer who has suffered a heart attack and is hospitalized in an emergency!

Who can still believe that Koh-Lanta is a health course? In any case, Pascal Salviani Above all, he knows the difficulty of the test. Indeed, the Adventurer remains one of the show’s most notable candidates. Because he is the only one to win the pole test twice. Yet his victories were not without pain. Even worse, the young man is experiencing serious physical problems in the game. In addition, he even has a heart attack. LD People return to this ordeal!

Koh-Lanta : Pascal Salviani in a troubling state

Challenging movie conditions

In a recent interview, Pascal Salviani remembers his journey inward Koh-Lanta. Twice the winner of the game, the young man marked the 2016 and 2018 editions. These two successes show the strength of the character and the exceptional physique of this participant. Yet he must have really suffered to achieve this goal. Sometimes some imagine the show scripted excessive. But in reality, the candidates are really exposed to extreme conditions.

Hunger and thirst are indeed terrible trials. Today, Pascal Salviani wants to convince the most skeptics. As proof, he explains how his body was bruised. “I lost 18 kg in 40 days. We cannot say that Koh-Lanta, it’s pipe. That is not the truth. The truth is very difficult!. Even at the end of the adventure, his body continues to suffer. Because you have to get used to eating again. LD People explains how the candidates experience their return to normal life.

Ubiquitous medical support

In this interview with TV Allowed, Pascal Salviani describes the suffering so that he was a victim. On his return to France he even had to be admitted urgently. Apparently, Koh-Lanta left deep marks in his body. “I came home with a big infection. With a colon problem. I spent one night in the emergency room because I had a kind of bowel infarction “. Fortunately, however, the game’s production doesn’t let its adventurers down upon release. “At the end of the game, each candidate is followed by the medical production team”. Julien also explains how the medical staff advise them on nutrition.

Indeed, it is imperative to get your body used to resuming its habits after such hardships. “The doctor advises adventurers to eat in small quantities”. Because the stomach has to get used to being asked. After you don’t get enough food, learn to eat slowly and chew well. And above all, it becomes necessary to listen to your body. The choice of meals is also of paramount importance. Little by little, the adventurers of Koh-Lanta can reintegrate proteins, vegetables, fruits and dairy products. In addition, hydration of the body is of the utmost importance.

LD People has been interested in this phenomenon for years. Because many former candidates still bear witness to this traumatic experience. Still, no one seems to regret their participation in Koh-Lanta. Because for many it remains the most beautiful experience of their lives.

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