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Audi unveils its Q4 e-tron, new compact electric SUV

q4 e-tron

The German brand Audi enjoy the Geneva Motor Showin March 2019, to present a new one electric concept car presented as one SUV Compact : the Q4 e-tron.

At the beginning of the official opening of the Geneva International Motor Show, held from 7 to 17 March 2019, Audi unveiled its latest electric concept car to be shown at the Swiss event: the Q4 e-tron, briefly presented in a laconic press release published by the company from across the Rhine.

In production in late 2020, early 2021

Although the brand with the rings keeps the secret in terms of the technical characteristics, which one could discover in Geneva, however, the production dates were communicated by the group: at the end of 2020, even at the beginning of 2021. This new SUV Compact must be based on the SEM platform of the Volkswagen Group and have a muscular appearance.

q4 e-tron

However, we must avoid being dependent on drawings, which generally increase the characteristics of the vehicle. To get a clearer picture of the model, nothing better than to admire IRL (In real life). the Q4 e-tron should join a catalog of electrified cars that has evolved over the years: 2019 will also house two new Audi models.

2019: approaching two electric models

According to a roadmap published last month by a Spanish media, the German group plans to market its well-known brand Audi e-tron during the first quarter of the year, accompanied by a sports ceremony called e-tron Sporback in the fourth quarter.

In short, Audi is working hard to prepare for the transition to zero emissions.

q4 e-tron

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