Black Friday Promotions: What You Need To Know Not To Be Fooled This Weekend

With Black Friday, promotions are blooming. However, be careful not to lapse into certain characters. Here are some tips from our experts to avoid being fooled and taking advantage of the best deals.

Is Black Friday Really Worth It? “We can indeed ask the question. The multiplication of Black Friday-style (BF) promotional activities or sales without forgetting the many sites that show near-permanent promotions that consumers have lost the idea of ​​the fair price,” Claude recalls. Gaubert, representative of UFC Que Choisir Montpellier. He and Julien Cadot, a journalist at Numerama, answered Midi Libre’s questions on Black Friday.

Make sure this is a “real” promotion

However, they warn of certain pitfalls to be avoided during this Black Friday weekend. For example, the price monitoring carried out by the UFC’s consumption observatory Que Choisir showed that the prices shown in promotion on the occasion of the BF were still valid without promotion, after which the question arises or crossed-out price which is often higher than previously applied. vigilant regarding promotions and discounted prices“warns Claude Gaubert.

His advice? “Try to read the prices on different sites or in different stores for products you want to buy well before the BF. You can then better estimate the ‘promotions’ of the BF and finally avoid buying on a whime a product you have not asked for before “.

Question the reliability of the site when you buy online

Since there are ads everywhere during Black Friday, make sure you don’t click “buy” from the first visitor. However, if it is difficult to provide a specific list of “trusted” sites, UFC Que Choisir Montpellier has put together a “checklist” on its website, which makes it possible to identify a trusted site.

“Of our Ten Commandments, the first four (without forgetting the others) are the most to consider:”Your seller will identify you carefully“,”You will be sure of its reputation“,”Before you buy the price and quality, please compare“,” Too good deals, you’ll be wary, “Claude Gaubert recalls.

Also read the legal notices on the website and the general conditions of sale.

“These GTC, which must be in French, must comply with a number of mandatory information: payment terms, terms of delivery, withdrawal period, legal guarantees, mediation in the event of a dispute, etc. The lack of these terms in French is a warning sign”, Claude Gaubert warns.

Know how to respond if there is a problem with the order

If the order you have placed is ever unavailable or out of stock, the seller must notify you immediately. Please consider your rights in these situations: “If this unavailability is final (product is sold out and will not be renewed), he must refund you within 14 days. He may offer you a credit note on his site, but you are of course not obliged to accept it. “

Alternatively, the product has been shipped, but you have not received anything? “The seller is responsible for the delivery of the product and it is up to him to prove that it was delivered to you. If he is unable to, he will have to send you another one or pay you a fee, ”says Claude Gaubert.

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