By the end of the Christmas travel certificate?

Will the French be able to travel beyond the 1km rule to find their loved ones at Christmas? Two days before Emmanuel Macron’s intervention in front of the French, the matter has not yet been resolved, but according to our information, one of the ways the government is considering removing the Christmas travel certificate is if the epidemic continues. to flow back. In return, restrictions could be enforced, but they are still being studied: a curfew? The rule of up to 6 people again recommended? At this point, nothing has been decided yet.

This development would be the second phase of the relaxation of incarceration envisaged by the government and for which Gabriel Attal unveiled the program in the JDD next Sunday.

Stores are scheduled to reopen “around December 1,” Gabriel Attal confirmed on Sunday with appropriate health protocols. According to our information, other places could also reopen on this date. The president of the republic could indeed authorize the return of religious services around December 1 during his televised address next Tuesday, provided a benchmark is set. The theaters were able to reopen at the same time, again with a limited range. A defense council will be held on Tuesday to hold the final arbitrations for the presidential speech.

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