Classification ES7 Rallye Monza 2020

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At the start of this new day, Dani Sordo leads the classification, one second ahead of Esapekka Lappi and two more than Sébastien Ogier.


The conditions this morning are much better than expected and the rain tires are the majority! Tire choice: Ogier / Evans / Katsuta / Tänak / Sordo / Greensmith with 4 rain and 2 snow, Rovanperä and Lappi with 6 rain and Veiby with 3 rain and 3 snow. In WRC-2 everyone went for 4 rain and 2 snow.

This morning Hyundai announced that Thierry Neuville will not drive today “To save the car and restart it tomorrow for the last day of the event. “


On a very wet special with a very complicated part at the end, Sébastien Ogier has already made a very nice shot. Author of the scratch, the French driver took the lead, three seconds ahead of Dani Sordo while the rest of the pack was more than thirteen seconds behind.

Esapekka Lappi, the only WRC driver without winter tires, constantly lost time and dropped to the provisional fourth place, just ahead of Ott Tänak.

Author of a mistake that could have ended very badly, Kalle Rovanperä appears to be definitively knocked down on the sixth provisional rank.

In WRC-2, and while reaching a new scratch, Adrien Fourmaux struggled in the last part, leaving Mads Ostberg’s best time. The French nevertheless took the lead for 4s7 against the Norwegian while Pontus Tidemand missed his time.

In WRC-3, Andreas Mikkelsen gave almost twenty seconds to Emil Lindholm, brilliant provisional second for Oliver Solberg, also very good this morning.


G. Greensmith
19: 08.2
“My weather informants said it was quite damp and wet, but everything was frozen for the last 3 kilometers and we just had to go through it. The rains weren’t great for the conditions. I am happy to be here. “
18: 52.7
“It’s a lot of fun I must say. The last part was hard, I was very careful, it was very hard, but I liked it. “
18: 23.1
Touchette against a dike
O. Today
18: 13.2
“It’s complicated, but we managed to get out. “
E. Evans
18: 11.4
“The snow at the end was a bit surprising, there was very little grip. “
S. Ogier
18: 03.1
“The end was more complicated than expected with melted snow. Otherwise it was a good stage. “
E. Lappi
18: 18.2
“I lost time during the special. “
D. Sordo
18: 08.7
“It’s a new stage, I lost a lot of time in the part with melted snow. I had a good feeling at the start of the special, but the rest of the time it didn’t go very well. “

NEXT SPECIAL : ES8- Gerosa 1 (11.09 km) from 9:08 AM (Saturday 05 December 2020)

Classification ES7 / After ES7 (25.06 km)

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