Corinne Deacon, after Blauw’s victory over Kazakhstan: “It is not I who pollute the atmosphere”

« This course ends with a card, is this the end you expected?
Yes, perfect evening. We saw a serious French team that started this game well. We made it easy, that was a goal. Lots of goals, a dozen different goalscorers, it’s always interesting, it means the collective was concerned. There was no photo between the two teams, but it should be noted the seriousness of this France team. We wanted to finish qualifying properly, even after qualifying on Friday. The second goal was not to score a goal.

Can we learn from this match?
There is always. We started the game well. That allowed me to give young players playing time. There are always positive things to learn from these types of games.

You announced a big turnover in this match, with players coming to the Champions League soon. Why did you choose to keep Marie-Antoinette Katoto, to keep her in confidence?
It wasn’t the only one that followed, there was Grace Geyoro, Amel Majri. There was indeed a turnover, but I wanted to maintain a certain stability compared to the previous game. These are choices, there is no ulterior motive, the important thing is that the French team is doing well, it keeps winning, it’s over tonight. (mardi).

“As for me, I do my job, I do things. Afterwards you like it or not »

What will your task be between now and the next meeting? Will there be a new dialogue with the players, especially the dissatisfied?
For me it will follow at the end of the championship, there are two days left before Christmas. I will prepare myself well for the next course, and also analyze it sportively. It’s time I thought about the rest. But from the moment the results arrive, it’s been satisfying. You should see the glass half full.

Will it be important to ensure that this atmosphere is less polluted?
I’m not the one polluting the atmosphere. As for me, I do my job, I do things. Afterwards you like it or not, it works or it doesn’t. What I can assure you is that it is my job to take this French team to the highest level. My first goal was to qualify her for the Euro, it’s done. For the rest, I’ll give myself a little time, think about the future, but a little later. “

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