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Eric Drouet, figure of the movement, tried an undemonstrated demonstration

What you need to know

He had described the arrest as"political operation". Eric Drouet appears before the Paris Criminal Court on Friday 15 February for "organization of a demonstration without an explanation". This 33-year-old truck driver, seen in "yellow vests", was arrested in Paris on 2 January after a demonstration with a few dozen people, between the Madeleine church and the Place de la Concorde. He receives a conviction up to six months in prison and a fine of € 7,500.

A deposit of candles places the Concorde. On January 2, Eric Drouet had come to place candles on the Place de la Concorde. Together with fifty people he wanted to express his support for the wounded "yellow vests" and the memory of the ten people who had been killed on the sidelines of the rally. In his video posted on Facebook for this rally, the "yellow vest" had also been called to lead a small one "Action" in front of "shock public opinion". "I do not know if there will be a few with us on the Champs (…) We all go without vests", he explained.

An orchestral arrest? The scene of Eric Drouet's arrest, surrounded by his supporters singing The Marseillaise, is strong and the video has gone through the media. On January 3, when he was released from police custody, he spoke in a Facebook Live, which has since been removed but transcribed by journalist Vincent Glad. "Do you think they deliberately took you into custody to attract the hatred of the people? & # 39;a user asks. "It is more we who did that to get therehe answers. We wanted to show the French that we were not free. & # 39;

Already arrested on December 22. Eric Drouet had already been arrested on December 22 during the 6th Saturday of mobilization of "yellow vests" in the capital. He will be tried on 5 June for "carrying a forbidden weapon", in this case a stick. It is also the subject of an investigation opened by the parquet of Paris after his appeal to "enter" on the Elysee while he was on the set of BFMTV.

He defends himself as a leader of the movement. Eric Drouet, who eventually arouses the interest of opposition politicians, defends himself as the leader of the movement, but his speeches, which he sends during Facebook Live, often made from the cab of his truck, are very listened to. For many, this father in Melun (Seine-et-Marne) guarantees the independence of the movement against instrumentalization and political recovery.

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