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Esport – Overwatch League: For Drew McCourt, "what we have in Los Angeles, we have to do it in Paris"


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Owner of Paris Eternal, who plays his place this weekend in play-offs of the first phase of theOverwatch league, Drew McCourt has invested a lot in this team and is already working on its implementation in the capital in 2020.

"You and your family are, and still are, invested in traditional sports. You feel the same excitement with theOverwatch League?
It is different. It's the start of a business. There are many things to do, to build. We create a new team. Blizzard is working on his schedule, on his production. While in traditional sports things have long been resolved. But the excitement when the season starts is almost the same. Even around me. I think the video game has been poorly perceived for too long and changes. All this evolves, becomes professional day by day and it is important to be part of it.

Between the moment that you announce investing in the Paris franchise in September and the start of the competition, what happened to you?
I am very involved with this team. We had to arrange things quickly and we quickly decided to bet on a 100% European training with a majority of French players. We had to work on the logo, the name, the image we wanted to send back, install everyone in Los Angeles to be ready on time … Today I spend a lot of time with the team. I work with coaches to understand how everything works in and outside the game.

You have found the time to play to understand how it worksOverwatch ?
A little! And I need more than ten fingers (Laughter)… The dose of talent you need seems incredible. But it is also important for me to connect with the team by better understanding what is happening, so I practice when I have a little time. I'm a little late Overwatchbut i played up Counter Strike at University. It is my experience with FPS.

The entry of Paris Eternal (-) Robert Paul Blizzard players

The entry of Paris Eternal (-) Robert Paul Blizzard players

Are you already projected by 2020 and the implementation of the team in Paris?
We think of the present and we want the team to perform well today, but we know that the current situation is temporary. We work, I come to Paris regularly, I spent three weeks between January and February. In concrete terms, we are a new club in the capital, so there are many things to do. Everything we have installed in Los Angeles, we must do in Paris: offices, a training center for the team … But we must also think of a forum where we will of course play our games. In this respect we have a short list. But our choice has not yet stopped.

Are you planning to work on developing your fan base in France and Europe this season while you are in Los Angeles?
I think it's important yes. We cannot do as much as we would like, but we have started organizing a first night in Paris during our game against London. We expect different groups to emerge in France and Europe and we want to support them at their best. If we have a little time in our agenda for the players to come home, we will try to organize something. "

Paris (2v-3d). – Washington (0-5) Saturday March 16 at 8 pm; Philadelphia (4-2) – Paris the next day at the same time. Eternal must win both games and hope to play the play-offs of the first phase of the Overwatch League this season.

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