“Everything Starts Here” of November 12, 2020: Heading for a deprogramming of tonight’s episode?


“Everything Starts Here” from November 12, 2020. Many of you are wondering whether or not today’s episode of “Everything Starts Here” is being deprogrammed by TF1 tonight? And the answer is ultimately YES!

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“Everything starts here” from November 12: episode deprogrammed, why?

TF1 has indeed chosen to disrupt its programs tonight due to yet another press conference by Prime Minister Jean Castex on the health crisis. It will be broadcast live from 6pm, but the channel will air from 5.30pm.


Knowing that this press conference could last and that a special edition will be broadcast shortly thereafter, TF1 was unable to sustain the broadcast of that day’s episode of “Here Everything Begins”.

Catch up tomorrow, Friday November 13, 2020, with two episodes in a row from 6:05 PM.

In the meantime, find your series in replay on MYTF1.FR

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