five men, two of whom have already been detained, put in police custody

Five men between the ages of 23 and 52 were arrested Tuesday for a project of violent acts of violence and attempts to move to an area of ​​jihad.

Five men, two of whom were already in prison, were taken into custody on Tuesday as part of an investigation into "the first hiding in the jihad zone and the inaccurate evocation of a violent rape project". ", AFP learned from concordant sources.

Three arrests at Saint-Etienne. Three of them were arrested by the Sub-Directorate for Counterterrorism (SDAT) in Saint-Étienne, in the Loire, as part of a preliminary investigation opened on 31 August by the Public Prosecutor of Paris, according to a legal source. Two other men, currently held for other reasons, were also detained, she added.

"Project of violent action". According to a source close to the research, this research wants to start "to an area of ​​jihad" and "inaccurate evocation of a project of violent action". The five men are between 23 and 52 years old, the source said. In the case of terrorist attacks, the police custody can last up to 96 hours.

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