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Germany: Apple sells iPhone 7 and 8 equipped by Qualcomm

Apple has released its iPhone 7 and 8 in Germany, in versions that are no longer equipped with Intel modems, but their counterparts have signed Qualcomm.

This is the solution Apple has found to reconnect to the marketing of these two ranges, still in the catalog. It has been said that they could implement some hardware and software changes to circumvent the ban on their sales. Ultimately, the German market versions of these two telephones are marketed that are mostly sold in other countries and continents.

In January, more iPhone 7 and 8 on the German site of Apple

The iPhone 7 was the first to be delivered by Qualcomm, sometimes by Intel. The iPhone 8 and X have continued in this direction, and with the XR and XS, Apple is completely free of Qualcomm.

The iPhone 7 and 8 "Qualcomm" are widely sold in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, China and India. As far as Intel versions are concerned, they can be found in Europe or Africa. Germany is the exception that confirms the rule, Apple said with Reuters, add a little vinegar to his statement: " Qualcomm is trying to use these commands to force Apple to comply with its extortion requirements ".

For the latest generation iPhone and equipped with Intel, nothing changes, they are sold quite normally in Germany.

In December, a German court ruled that Apple was infringing a Qualcomm patent on a technique to limit the expenses on the battery during a mobile connection. More specifically, it was Qorvo, a component provider for Apple in these two types of iPhone, which was chosen.

When he had refused to run at the beginning, Apple had finally removed the iPhone from his site and his Apple Store in January (his partners continued to make proposals). A process is scheduled to begin in April in the United States between the two groups.

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