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"It can't last!" Anne Hidalgo exclaims

The mayor of Paris condemns the violence on Saturday in the margins of the "yellow cardigans" demonstration. She will soon be received by the Prime Minister.

"It can't last!" Anne Hidalgo proclaims in a statement on Saturday 16 March. After another day of violence in the margins of demonstrations of "yellow vests" in the capital, the mayor of Paris announces that it will be received "in the next few days" by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

The mayor of Paris condemns a "new drift of Paris", "violence of limitless intensity". "This situation can no longer be tolerated."

"It is now necessary for the government to do everything in its power to ensure that this situation is not extended." I asked the Prime Minister, who will receive me in the coming days, to discuss with him the measures he intends to get out of the crisis and to protect Paris against the violence that falls on the city every month for too long months "Anne Hidalgo announces in this release.

"I greet the action of police and firefighters who have worked in very disturbed circumstances. The municipal services, coordinated by the mayor's crisis cell who has dressed in emergency situations all day, will take the relay to clean the city and so on to repair everything possible as quickly as possible "she added.

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