"It will make tremendous progress in science and innovation"

franceinfo, published on Tuesday 13 November 2018 at 14:51

The unit of measurement of the kilo is redefined during the weight and measurement conference held in Versailles until November 16th. "This will allow us to make tremendous progress, both in science and in innovation," predicts Thomas Grenon, LNE's general manager, the national laboratory for metrology and testing, invited by franceinfo on Tuesday, November 13th.

franceinfo: the standard kilogram is where all our mass meters, including our scales, are based on?

Thomas Grenon: The balance you have in your bathroom, the balance that you find on your market, is connected to a physical object called the & # 39; Grand K & # 39; [le prototype international du kilogramme qui sert d’étalon à toutes les mesures de masse] who is that

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