Many Android apps send your personal information to Facebook

Even if the user of a smartphone with Android does not have a Facebook account, his private data is sent to the social network by many installed applications.

In the Play Store, 42.55% of the available apps for mobile Android phones send personal data to Facebook, even if the user does not have an account on the social network. This statement comes from a recent study by theNGO Privacy International who dissected this phenomenon, trying to understand how this information is sent.

Applications use the Software Development Kit (SDK) from Facebook to send the data and 61% of the tested applications send them as soon as they are opened. Facebook receives information such as installing, starting or removing apps. This data is linked to the Google Advertising ID (AAID). The web giant can then check this data to learn a lot about the activity and preferences of users. different applications send very detailed information, such as Kayak, which sends all information about flight requests (places of departure and arrival, dates, number of people, etc.).

Other companies can receive the data

This data leak is not just about the social network. Recently another scandal broke out in which the dubious practices were revealed Facebook, who already received a lot of criticism after the scandal Cambridge Analytica. The data sent to Facebook can then be shared with many other companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon or Netflix.

The Privacy International study is also based on a article published in October 2018, which focuses on companies that follow users through Android apps. According to this article, 90.4% of the apps of the US Play Store send data to third parties. Not surprisingly, 88.44% communicate with Google and 42.55% with Facebook, while 33.88% also send data to Twitter. Next comes the American operator Verizon, Microsoft and finally Amazon. There is no option to stop it spiesexcept do not install these applications.

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