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Married at first sight – Florian not tactile with Nolwenn: he explains himself

On Monday, March 4, 2019, M6 viewers discovered the start of the honeymoon from Nolwenn and Florian to Madeira, Portugal. If she felt a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, the 31-year-old real estate manager quickly became more tactile with the 37-year-old commercial. Unfortunately the latter was more modest. He explained why in an interview Disney Co..

What state of mind were you in before your honeymoon?

I was in a very good state of mind. It is true that everything has been done in reverse, but I wanted to know my wife and share this moment with her.

You feel more on reserve than Nolwenn. Why?

I am going on a honeymoon with a stranger and I am someone who wants to do things well in the sense that I did not want to catch fire, shoot or leave her three days later. So I preferred to start slowly and that feeling came gradually. I didn't want her to fall from above. I felt fragility in her, that is how it feels, it turns out. And we had talked a bit about our past, so I couldn't afford to do anything. So I had restraint, modesty. And the fact that there are cameras & # 39; s accentuates that.

She has touched you more and more. How did you experience it?

My concern, which the experts had called him, is that I am in control. The tactile side would not have bothered me if it had not been filmed. But the tangible side did film. I have family, friends, customers who are probably watching the show. So it is a small voyeurist who blocked me this way, even if we know there are cameras. But for the camera, I'd rather be in exchange than in touch. I am not someone who stops on the street to kiss his wife's mouth wide open.

You explained to Nolwenn why you were more modest?

Of course I will give the example of the jacuzzi. It was a bit complicated for both of us, we were wondering what we would do the next day. I also want to clarify that I do not remove the T-shirt on the boat because I did not want to fall into the cliche "I am going to give him the cream", knowing that there had been the jacuzzi before. I'm sorry for Nolwenn because she was rejected. We explained it later, I told him.

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