Match: funny statistics from Colin Dagba

Colin Dagba had a very special evening in Montpellier on the occasion of the Paris victory (3-1). He certainly scored his first goal in his red and blue colors, but before that the international hopefuls had had a lot of trouble in the game, back in numbers on this paradoxical night for the Paris squad.

Colin Dagba will certainly remember this December 5, 2020 for a long time, and for good reasons. He scored his first Ligue 1 goal at La Mosson, and even his very first professional goal at PSG. But this evening could have been a milestone for all other reasons, much worse. Indeed, to the goal of the 33th minute, the young (22 years old) Parisian side had missed everything or almost.

In scoring his goal, he had notably lost 10 of the 24 balls he had played so far. A horrible 42% lost balloons ratio to make the most of it “Heads in the Sky” of its partners (for example, Neymar shoots at 29% this season).

Replaced on 64th, Dagba closed the game with 13 of the 40 losses played. He therefore returned a third of the balls he hit back to the opponent. In this young (22.4-year average) and unprecedented defense at 5, he was not the least bit inexperienced, from the top of his 38 Ligue 1 matches (against 13 in Bakker and 2 in Pembélé). Nevertheless, he captured the technical blunders during this first half: missed boxes, passes to the opponent, rough checks …

23 out of 33 fit back

Apart from his lost balls, all his statistical indicators show a difficult match: only 69% of successful passes (against 92% in career), a single successful defensive gesture (an interception), no duel won, a yellow card. Worst of all, his technical failures completely nullified the little confidence he should have had because he took as little initiative as possible: 23 of his 33 passes were made backwards and he didn’t. tried not to dribble.

And yet he had this wonderful inspiration after half an hour of play: he saw Di Maria defect on the left side, he has the good reflex to pass in front of Ristic and the gesture to deceive Omlin. Hopefully this goal will do him good and he will gain some confidence again.

Not the only one who was decisive and tough

This paradox of a decisive player despite a more than average night in the game, does not concern Colin Dagba. The other two evening scorers had a lot of problems in the game, for example Kean only hit 29 balls and lost 11. He only managed 71% of his passes and won only 3. duels out of 9, but he mainly scored a new goal ( are 7th with PSG) and spirits thanks to his great attack from the 77th.

Mbappé, came into play in the 78th, meanwhile missed almost everything (0 duel won out of 3 disputed, 5 lost balls out of 13 played) but he was there to put Kurzawa’s offer in the net (91th). Two of the match’s three decisive assistants on the Paris side also had an even more complicated evening: author of 3 fouls, Kurzawa came close to expulsion and was often put on the defensive, and Di Maria lost 30% of the balls he touched (21 of 69).

What should we deduce from that? Simply put, we shouldn’t be content with counting goals and assists to analyze a player’s performance, but until proven guilty, it is indeed the goals that make matches and the titles …

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