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Maurizio Sarri close by to take the door

Maurizio Sarri has lived a very complicated time since his departure from Naples and Italy. Indeed, all this summer his transfer on the Chelsea side was littered with traps. His integration into the London club was long ago that the English leaders had trouble losing Antonio Conte, but also to negotiate with Aurelio De Laurentiis, the boss of the Neapolitan club, the departure of his tactician. But in the end everything went well.

The start of the season was even promising, Sarri innovated by placing N & # 39; Golo Kanté a little higher on the field and making Jorginho, whom he knew well in Naples, his playmaker – far back. Except that the machine was seized and the Italian could not really pull the quintessence of his group. The results started to get worse and his head was on the road fast enough in this Premier League season.

Sarri doesn't know what happened to Everton

This Sunday the Transalpin may have had its final blow. Lacking enough to put Everton on the score from two goals to zero, his team downgrades to three lengths of fourth position, occupied by Arsenal, qualifying for the next Champions League. It is possible that the game against the Toffees will be his last at the head of the Blues since the international ceasefire reached the tip of his nose this Monday morning.

This is the news of at least The Express At the start of the week. In fact, tabloid advances that Roman Abramovich can fire him well, the Russian has the trigger quite easily. When asked about the game against the Toffees, Sarri did not seem to have any answers when his players fell after playing « the best half of the season "Sarria may have heard his death on Sunday for quite some time in the hot chair.

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