Nabilla on the street soon? Evicted from her house? The starlet is prepared for anything!

Nabilla preferred to break the rules of her accommodation rather than live far from her dog, Pita. This is what she revealed on Snapchat on Saturday, November 21.

Nabilla and Thomas are currently working on their home in Dubai. So in the meantime, they stay in an apartment they rent with their son Milann. Problem: Dogs are not allowed. Nabilla has placed her dog in an animal center. But she broke down after a few days. « Look who it is that came home! »she exclaimed on Snapchat. “My baby, I’ve missed you too much!” », she then declared to her trusty furball.

‘Well she came back a little bit illegally because I have problems with the people who rented out the apartment to us’, the asterisk explained on the social network.

And to continue: “As I explained to you, they actually said to us in the beginning, ‘There is no concern for the animals’, and a few months later a new rule has been passed and the animals are banned. So actually they let us put our pita outside otherwise we would all have to leave the place and in the end I don’t know where in the hotel … it was complicated. “

Since Thomas Vergara’s wife has a strong character, she has to sue to make the law. “Clearly, I have filed a small lawsuit against this rule and we’ll see what happens “, she boasted. While awaiting the verdict, the whole family lives under the same roof!

One problem chases another …

On Monday, November 16, 2020, Nabilla was on an operating table in Kiev, Ukraine. In a luxury clinic, a surgeon operated on him to remove the scar from his Caesarean section. But back in Dubai, the 28-year-old mother felt terrible.

‘It makes me drunk because I can’t take a bath or shower for four weeks, for a month, until December 4. It will be my Christmas present to resume bathing and showeringShe revealed the same day on Snapchat.

Thomas Vergara’s wife gave more details to her subscribers: “Because I told you about the scar and stuff there must be no water on it, otherwise it is useless to have done all that. I can just wash myself with a washcloth and towel. This morning I struggled to wash my hair, it was my mother who washed them for me. It drives me crazy, it’s boring phew!

Her husband also wanted to show her his support. “It is true that she was very uncomfortable, that is the problem with a Caesarean section. If you have a scar and scars badly, it can pull you out, and that’s what she got. She was not lucky and it bothered her so much that we suddenly looked for a specialist and the best was in Kiev“.

Obviously, this Saturday, November 21 was not a good day for Nabilla!

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