New Years Eve: how do you party when you work the next day?

WELLNESS – The year 2018 is about to end. There are only a few hours left to start the traditional midnight count, to cut the champagne as a barmaid or to call his family to wish them the best of wishes. After that, the dance floor will probably light up to leave room for crazy choreography until the early morning.

This scheme, we are much to consider. But everyone does not necessarily have it in mind. The reason? Some people work clearly on 1 January. The fear of a hangover at work or fatigue that prevents decision making can be daunting. That they are reassured, there are tips to fix it.

Spend a sleepless night before you go to work, it is possible.

But for that you have to follow a rigorous protocol. This explains Clémence Peix Lavallée, sleep specialist and founder of the Bien Relax website. Contact recorded by The HuffPost, the sophologist and author of a book entitled Sleep well without medication explains that everything is a matter of hours of being awake.

"A sleepless night, ie the equivalent of 18 consecutive hours of active sleep, is equivalent to a blood alcohol level of 0.5 grams per liter of blood, the expert says: risks of accidents on the road while driving, and incidents when you stand in front of your computer. "And this, without touching even a single drop of alcohol.

Split standby hours

To prevent this kind of situation, Clémence Peix Lavallée recommends one thing. "We have to split the sleeping hours", announces the last one. The first strategy is to arrive on the evening that Eva is resting. It is therefore necessary to take a nap before you go to the scene. No nap. "A royal nap", the professional explains.

Rarely welcome to adults, but in our case it is highly recommended, Monday 31 December. The term "royal nap" is generally referred to as a sleep of 1 hour and 30 minutes. "We have to see this as one of the preparations for the evening", as well as the performance of his party decor and festive favors, says the author.

However, be careful not to take it at any time of the day. Clémence Peix Lavallée proposes to rest between 1 pm and 3 pm or after 6 pm. This second suggestion seems the most appropriate. "It is easy to fall asleep right now, because we have just finished the work of the day, we often have a bar," says the sophrologist.

Avoid coffee and tea early in the morning

When the nap is over, it's time to party. You can enjoy it. Dance, have fun, drink (moderately). You can get to work until the fateful moment. This is where the second phase of the process comes (after a good shower, too).

Back at work, "we will have to hydrate well", advises Clemence Peix Lavallée. You have to drink water, a lot of water. No sparkling water (too salty), or stimulating or stimulating drinks, such as coffee or tea, in the morning. Why? After their effect they can increase the impression of fatigue.

According to the specialist, it is better to wait for lunch, between 1 pm and 3 pm, to take his first coffee of the day. "We can even opt for a double espresso," says the expert.

Sleep 20 minutes

And immediately afterwards, a new nap. It is not the same as the day before. This is much shorter and should only last about twenty minutes. This is called a "power nap". No worries, the caffeine we have just eaten will only be effective when we wake up. She will not stop us sleeping.

On the contrary. "The powernapje doubles the effects of caffeine," says Clémence Peix Lavallée, "it will help the brain wake up." This technique avoids a phenomenon called "presenteeism". This term defines the feeling of being physically present, but mentally absent.

The goal of this restorative process is not only to stimulate the small energy we still have. "If we are lazy when we go to the stage of the night to clean up, this split sleep will prevent the gloom of the next day, the expert informs, we will be less irritated and less anxious."

However, be careful not to abuse this technique. When the working day is over, it is better to have a good night's sleep. Sleep deprivation is dangerous. It can cause appetite, cause concentration problems and even increase the risk of heart disease. Partying is good, but respecting your body is better.

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