Nîmes-OM: Villas-Boas between strategy and franchise? – Around OM

OM faces Nîmes at the start of the 13th day and the Portuguese technician would have preferred, on a recovery level after Olympiakos, for the match to take place on Saturday at 5 p.m. However, opening the ball also offers a big advantage: that, in case of a win, you spend the weekend on the couch watching the competition. The best of recovery. For now, if we rely on the average points per game, OM leads the way with a peak of 2.1. PSG follows (2.08) and a quartet consisting of Lille, Lyon, Monaco and Montpellier at 1.92. Saturday, however, a Montpellier-PSG is on the program and on Sunday it is Lille-Monaco. But to rub their hands you have to win at the Costières stadium, and for that the coach has to deal with a workforce that some of them are starting to stick their tongues out of.

Villas-Boas still as candid at a press conference …

André Villas-Boas therefore warned that there would be some turnover. According to him, this is certainly the most important game of the week. But he has always been alert to the state of form with his staff, never pulled too much by the rope with a player to the point where he saw him fart. It must therefore be continued. Now is the time for recovery, with lighter sessions. But not for calinotherapy so far. In a press conference prior to the game, André Villas-Boas didn’t make his players depressing, but he spared no one. Certainly Cuisance, whose disappointing tweet got noticed after OM-Olympiacos, for example, he put a layer back on his disappointment, casually: “I had him in my office yesterday, he was disappointed with his game. I explained to him the reasons why he came out very early in the game. I want to continue to trust him ”. Before Payet, he revealed that the staff had set up a specific program for him: “These are several things related to his physical condition, nutrition, of course, and recovery. ” I’m not sure the adverb’s position doesn’t excite the playmaker’s ego. But the biggest punchline was on the transfer window and Luis Henrique: “We may have missed each other as Luis will not be the player we thought of, with the possibility to play in this position. We may have to do something in January ”.

… to divert attention?

A shock formula, which has the merit of the franchise, so rare in this exercise, and which is not aimed at the young Brazilian. AVB recalled that it was necessary to recruit him this summer, not wait for the next one, where he will already be worth the triple. The stone may be more for the garden of Pablo Longoria, who didn’t find a striker for him this summer … but also for himself: Villas-Boas had this bet guaranteed “Luis Henrique, the winger who will become center forward” if he becomes contracted, remembers all summer that he wanted a nine, but wanted to be number 2 behind Dario Benedetto, who had all his confidence. We should not rule out a trick of cunning that the Portuguese have the secret of. Since his speech, the debates have turned this statement, not because of the players or their composition … To better surprise the Nîmes?

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