Nintendo Switch packs fall heavily on Black Friday 🔥

Do you want to fall for a Nintendo Switch this year? As always, this portable console is one of the bestsellers of the Christmas holidays. Very few offers on the Switch, mainly because it is out for most of the year. For Black Friday, Cdiscount is the only one to make a discount on the console with packages that include the console, games and accessories.

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Above you have the list with the good plans for the Nintendo Switch. It never comes alone and comes with a few games or accessories that further enhance the user experience. Either way, the Nintendo Switch packs (or the Switch Lite version) are consistent as you need games to enjoy the console.

Why choose the Nintendo Switch on Black Friday?

Since March, the start of the health crisis, the Nintendo Switch has been almost impossible to find. We started reviewing stocks on seller sites a few weeks ago. For those who want to have a console under the Christmas tree (for themselves or as a gift), now is the time to use Black Friday to save some money.

You can save a few dozen euros on the different packs. The most popular Nintendo Switch console package includes Mario Kart with two steering wheels and a protective cover for this console. Since it can be transported, it is better to protect it so as not to damage the screen.

Among the games we find in promotion in these Nintendo Switch bundles there are household names. We can quote Mario Kart 8, Zelda, Super Mario Party or Animal Crossing. These are the flagships, so it’s an obvious purchase if you’re buying a Nintendo Switch. So here these are promotional combinations that contain these games and the console.

In terms of the price, it costs between € 300 and € 400, depending on the type of formula you choose. By default, the Nintendo Switch costs 299 €, so you have to add the price of the games with some discounts. Beware, the Nintendo Switch may be out of stock in the early hours of Black Friday. So be quick and don’t miss the offers of Cdiscount.

Cdiscount lowers the price

In 2019 and 2020, the Nintendo Switch is expected to become the best-selling game console in the world. Released in 2017, it quickly met with great success due to its size. It’s a portable console, unlike Xbox One or PS4. However, if the new versions of the consoles from Microsoft and Sony have been released, they will not be available. Their out of stock is a real weak point.

Since the Nintendo Switch is portable, it doesn’t follow the same logic as these two home consoles. It is therefore more of an additional purchase than a competing console. If you have a PlayStation console or an Xbox, you can very well go on a Switch the rest of the time. This allows you to experience games on transport or in your room.

Since the start of Black Friday, Cdiscount has been one of the main players in this operation. The French merchant is one of the most competitive on premium products. He does not hesitate to lower the price of recent, highly successful products. Beware of stockouts, there are many already. The site fell victim to the French enthusiasm for online shopping. The current situation encourages them to buy online instead of going to physical stores.

Obviously, the Nintendo Switch will be one of the hottest products at the end of the year. If you want to save on the game console, this is a good way to go. These video game console packages are consistent and their price will save you tens of dollars in total.

Also note that Cdiscount offers you a “satisfaction or refund” period of 14 days. During this time, you can always change your mind and return your game console (and the package). The French cyber merchant undertakes to take them back from you and refund you. So you don’t run any risk, even if you bought the Nintendo Switch just a little too quickly.

In addition to the Nintendo Switch, there are thousands of great deals to be had this Black Friday on Cdiscount. The merchant site allows you to save money on all your Christmas shopping. The deals are really generous, the trader would like to have a happy end to the year. He will therefore push the discounts to the maximum to build up all his stocks.

To see the deals for the Switch, it’s here:

View the offers from Cdiscount

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