opponents welcome the Court's report

The collective against the privatization of the management of Toulouse-Blagnac airport estimated today that thanks to a recent report from the Court of Auditors "the game of dupes that exploited the privatization" of this infrastructure appeared "in broad daylight" and asks Again to cancel.

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"From the beginning, the collective condemns" a completely opaque operation and for which we always pursue the public interest ", he writes in a statement and" still asks that the airport has been canceled. "In its report on the privatization process at the airports of Toulouse, Lyon and Nice, the Court recalls that in 2015 the State sold 49.99% of the capital of the Toulouse-Blagnac management company to Casil Europe, French holding company established by the Chinese state group Shandong High Speed ​​Group and Hong Kong investment fund Friedmann Pacific Asset Management, the court criticizes "a buyer whose profile raises concerns" about his "lack of experience in airport management", "the lack of financial transparency" and the "links with Chinese public authorities".

This "devastating" report arrives at the right time "welcomes the collective against privatization", as the Paris Administrative Court of Appeal should examine the request for nullity of privatization "next year." After privatization, the group had the administrative court in Paris in seized to cancel the sale "We lost in 2017", the AFP told the lawyer of the collective, Me Christophe Leguevaques. "The case lies before the Administrative Court of Appeal in Paris, normally from January 2019," said Leguevaques. Justice will be able to rely on this report from an institution that is so serious that it proves a threefold error: a financial error, a mistake in spatial planning and a mistake from an environmental point of view, "the collective points out.

Last February, the state decided not to sell the 10.01% of its shares in the capital of Toulouse, the third regional airport hub, which would allow the Chinese Casil Europe to become a majority. The public and minority shareholders – the region, the department, the metropolis of Toulouse and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), shareholders in 40% of the airport management company – had urged the state to make such a decision. and wishing that this company retains "a long-term public participation".

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