Oreo biscuit maker destroyed 25,000 hectares of rainforest

You may not view Oreo cookies in the same way. According to Greenpeace, the American giant Mondelez, who makes the famous cake made of palm oil, has indeed participated in the deforestation of 25,000 hectares of tropical forest.

And even because the multinational had promised to supply sustainable palm oil in 2020. "The multinational Mondelez is still dealing with producers that produce deforestation, the palm oil can be produced without destroying the forests and forests, species that live there, in contrast to what Mondelez suppliers continue to do." Orangutans are now on the edge of extinction: they are sacrificed for cookies ", explains the website of the environmental NGO Kiki from Taufik, Forest Campaign Manager, Greenpeace Indonesia.

"We are one year away from the deadline and Mondelez is connected with producers responsible for deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia.We have taken 25 producers known to be responsible for deforestation in Southeast Asia, and Mondelez is bound to 22 of them, "details Cécile Leuba, c.mounted forest campaign at Greenpeace France, on Franceinfo.

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