PSG – Neymar: “I want to play with Messi again, I hope we will be together next season”

After setting fire to Old Trafford, Neymar set fire to the transfer market a few months earlier. At ESPN’s microphone, Neymar sincerely gave the bottom of his thoughts. Although he has only a year and a half contract left in Paris, his future is sweating the Parisian leaders and he should be the center of attention next summer if he doesn’t renew, the Brazilian gave a course a bit to general surprise. “What I want is to play with Messi again, Neymar revealed. I hope we can be together next season.


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That has the merit of being clear. The two men, so complementary during their joint adventure in Barcelona crowned by the 2015 Champions League, greatly appreciate each other and Lionel Messi had tried to force the hand of his leaders for the Brazilian’s return to Barça in the summer of 2019.

“It’s not Neymar and Mbappé’s team, it’s Neymar and Basta’s team!”

In Barcelona, ​​Paris, City or elsewhere?

But the Old Trafford hero did not follow his intentions. Does he want to play with Messi in Paris, Barcelona or elsewhere? Mystery. It would have been too easy. “It could be anywhere“, he specifies with a smile. To confuse matters, remember that the Argentinian will be at the end of the contract in June. While a return of Neymar to Catalonia seemed to be disappearing, the Brazilian has rekindled the fire. Even though the rumor seems very fragile given the FCB’s disastrous financial situation.

Messi, who is being announced more on the Manchester City side, could he join his friend at PSG? Here too it will work quickly. The COVID-19 crisis has weakened Parisian finances and in order to make way for the brilliant Argentinian’s amazing salary, it will be inevitable to let go of the ballast and part with a big name, Kylian Mbappé in order not to leave him. to mention. In short, Neymar’s desires are not yet a reality.

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