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Rainbow Six Siege: Battle Royale mode is excluded

A game Battle Royaleeveryone would like to make one. In one go PUBG and Fortnite seemed unbeatable, and yet respawn put a good photo in the anthill with Apex Legends, reviving the hype around this game mode. But others do very well without this, such as Ubisoft with Rainbow Six Siege.

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The studio organizes the Six Invitational in Montreal this weekend, reveal two new ones agents and theOperation Burnt Horizon, and it is a good opportunity to meet the members ofUbisoft. Gamereactor so spoke to Alex Remy, brand director, and asked him if players could ever hope for one day a mode Battle Royale in Rainbow Six Siege. His answer is without appeal, it is not !

No, I think the Battle Royale is already out of the question. Rainbow Six is ​​a rules-based game that follows the following pillars that are not compatible with the Battle Royale. The asymmetric nature of the game, the importance of composition, synergy and team communication, the importance of destruction, Agents, are clear rules that make Rainbow Six a unique experience in the shooting game genre and that is not compatible with the Battle Royale.

And to be very, very honest, I think some people are doing very well in the Battle Royale, so it would be almost for us to throw ourselves into something where we could fail. I think Rainbow Six Rainbow Six should be, keep doing what we do, bring in new agents, bring more features, help the overall player experience in the best possible way, but Rainbow Six is ​​not a Battle Royale and does not intend that to be.

The message is clear, Rainbow Six Siege is a game for multiple players with Attacking agents or defendersand special skills that do not work with the Battle Royale. Ubisoft Do not want to jump into the fight, and maybe it's better that way.

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