six people are under investigation for rape of minors

After more than two years of investigation, six people were charged in Laon, in the Aisne, on Thursday, December 3. for the rapes of two young girls. Five men aged 36 to 65 and a woman.

Three men are suspected of raping two sisters, 7 and 2 years old at the time of the incident, between 2014 and 2017, our colleagues report The new Aisne. Among them the girls’ father. The older of the two victims had denounced the facts in 2016, but the investigations had not been successful so far. A judicial investigation was opened in February 2018 and the investigation was entrusted to the gendarmes of Guise. Six people were arrested in this case at the beginning of the week.

One of the individuals, the godfather of one of the sisters, became involved in the filming of scenes of sexual abuse and the mother of the two children was charged with ‘failing to charge and prevent crimes’. The father is said to have raped his three daughters, the youngest of whom was only 9 months old.

He used his daughters as ‘sex slaves’

According to a source familiar with the case, the children were used as “sex slaves” by his father, his cousin and friends. The father was also mentioned as the instigator of the abuse by the other protagonists of the case: “He is being questioned by all the other alleged co-authors and their versions are consistent with those of the minors,” said the Laon prosecutor.

In her testimony, the elder of the victims made dire facts: rapes were committed in meetings, while the sisters were tied up. During their hearings, some defendants partially admitted their guilt: “I only did it once. I know I did something stupid,” one said, while another said. recognized “only “three pipes and a rape during a meeting” under pressure from the father “. “I’m too ashamed to have done it, it scarred me,” he confessed. The other men for their part denied the facts.

The five men were taken into custody in different detention centers, in order to avoid any specific consultation on the regional newspaper. The mother of the family was placed under judicial supervision.

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