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The cumulation of more than 10,000 euros in income from Hervé Gaymard continues poorly

Hervé Gaymard 4 July 2015 in Suresnes – JOEL SAGET AFP

At the age of 58 Hervé Gaymard, former Minister of Economy and Finance in the second five years of Jacques Chirac, multiplies the activities. In this case, that of Chairman of the departmental council of Savoy, paid 4,033 net euros per month, and that of senior official in the Ministry of Economy, for an amount of 7,596 euros net.

A cumulation that is perfectly legal, but in a moral sense, as demonstrated by the former Socialist MP René Dosière, who specializes in the transparency of political life,
on the Parisian, at the origin of these revelations: "These are behaviors of this type that maintain mistrust, even the anger of taxpayers towards elected officials."

Unrecognized accumulation of employees

The newspaper indicates that Hervé Gaymard is today the only one of the 96 presidents of departmental councils who simultaneously perform an activity of civil servant. A double activity that his taxpayers and his colleagues in Savoy did not know, and he clearly preferred not to mention his statement of interests, his latest dating from 2015.

Moreover, from the date of his relocation in Bercy, from June 2017 to September 2018, when he was waiting for the assignment, Hervé Gaymard received his monthly salary of 7,596 euros on top of his chosen income. How does he manage to juggle between his two activities? Bercy assures the Parisian that he is "present", although various sources indicate that he has rarely met each other in the corridors.

Already pinned for a flat paid by the state

At the time that he was minister of economics, in 2005, Hervé Gaymard had not stayed in Bercy for long: he had resigned after the revelations of the Duck chained on the apartment of 600 m² that he lived with his family, of which the rent of 14,000 euros was fully regulated by the state … while the minister himself owned an apartment in Paris and subject to the ISF.

A precision he had forgotten to bring but had forced him to leave his post and then paid the rent paid by the state.

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