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The rapper Martinique Kalash stopped by the police in Paris (video)

As shown in this video posted on social networks, rapper Martinique Kalash was arrested by police in the whole of Paris on the night of Saturday to Sunday.

" Whats here ? "He repeated very angry with the police several times. The latter grabs his arms, Kalash tries to struggle by asking them to let go. The police finally checks the rapper on the car's hood.

The 31-year-old rapper was arrested for a hit-and-run offense after several clashes with his Porsche on the Champs-Elysées. What can be seen in this other video (linked to the Twitter message) made on the occasion of the 18th event of Yellow Vests.

The sIt starts with 34 minutes and 35 seconds, we hear the woman filming the scene, a Porshe comes in different cars. We actually see Kalash in 36 minutes and 12 seconds from his car.

Kalash responded to the invitation of Canadian rapper-composer-actor Drake (known for his role in the Degrassi series) to perform during his concert in the French capital.

The rapper from Martinique, for those who don't know, has made a collaboration with Damso.

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