The resignation of Sylvain Fort, the pen of Emmanuel Macron, predicts a series of departures around the president


Sylvain Fort, director of communication and press of Emmanuel Macron, resigns at the end of January, which means he occupies a position that he considers time-consuming. And this is only the introduction to a renewal of the scale that will come in the first circle of Macronians, as unveiled by our editor Michael Darmon on Thursday.

"His pen flies away from the Elysée Sylvain Fort, the communications director and press Emmanuel Macron, will leave his position at the end of the month." I wish to go to other professional and personal projects, and above all to spend time with my family, "said this former professor. Very close to the president of the republic, he had initially refused the post, as it was too time consuming. The first circle announces other planned movements within the Elysee team, which will undergo a renewal of size during the first months of 2019.

An irrevocable decision. Emmanuel Macron struggled to accept the decision of Sylvain Fort. Late Wednesday evening, the president of the republic called friends to ask their colleague to reconsider his decision. But the man with the 300 speeches written since the beginning of the mandate has made an irrevocable decision for reasons that are certainly respectable but do not explain everything.

In osmosis with the president. It should be known that Sylvain Fort joined Emmanuel Macron at the beginning of the campaign, with an atypical profile. His fields and his passions, very diverse, make him an opera specialist, Germanist and exegete Antoine de Saint-Exupery end. In intellectual osmosis with Emmanuel Macron at the top of the state, they built up a kind of ideal France with words.

The three keynote speeches written by Sylvain Fort and Emmanuel Macron will certainly remain reserved for Colonel Beltrame, the Catholics of France and Johnny Hallyday. The B-side: Sylvain Fort, forced by his boss to supervise communication had to visit a media world he did not like. Let's just say: Sylvain Fort hates journalists.

The first circle is crumbling. On departure: Ismail Emelien special adviser to the president, who has already asked to leave for some time. Other less well-known advisers have already left the ship, such as the parliamentary adviser Stéphane Séjourné, who is responsible for the European campaign, or as adviser to the president in the Middle East.

This operation in the heart of the Elyos machine is anything but harmless. It is also about the highest level. In the short or medium term there is even the departure of Alexis Kohler, the secretary-general of the Elysee Palace, the cornerstone of the presidential system.

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