"The rights of patients are widely disregarded," says Josette Risterucci after the death of a pediatrician in the hospital of Bastia

The post of Josette Risterucci
Mr Norbert Nabet
Director-General ARS Corsica
Double for Monsieur Pascal Forcioli
Managing Director Bastia Hospital

Mr. Director General,
In the rest of our discussions and your press release at the end of the afternoon, I want to express my deepest anger about the management of patient care after the dramatic event that took place in the hospital. from Bastia through the death of one of his doctors. My most sad thoughts are the first for him and his family.
You told me that everything, like Mr Forcioli, managed this support better and faster.
That is certainly what you both think.
You are free, I can confirm that my feelings are very different.

This feeling is supported by the facts of caring for a baby in the hospital, which comes out today and has been in contact with the deceased doctor.
How can you make such remarks in the establishment, even though the staff provided him with prophylaxis, a four-day-old baby could go home without information. is given to the parents, or is no treatment administered or prescribed?
During the outpatient visit, the pediatrician wore a mask … Father asked him about the death of the pediatrician (whom he knew a little bit) because this doctor had followed his son, who do you know my son. Pleasant answers

I had both of you in a telephone conversation, you were of unacceptable complacency, your only comments were about the progress of the protocol, you never recognized the mistake made in the establishment of the children I know one, there maybe more, and I will have the same scriptures.

Why did you authorize an exit in such a context and under these circumstances?
For me, for my family, it seems to me that the first precautionary measures that had to be taken in the chain of decisions related to children who still had to be hospitalized.

I did not even go into detail about the course and fear of the parents who returned to the end of Cape Corsica, or the pharmacy, the only one who did not even have the treatment …
Consider this e-mail as a first complaint addressed to the LRA of Corsica and to the director of the hospital of Bastia, it is not for me that you will give courses about the rights of patients that you have largely violated.
I am waiting for a written reply before the parents send you the official requests of the file and the rest …

I was called by RCFM at 7 pm tonight, so I told you publicly about how to handle this file.
We let the young parents recover and do this couple of days with family and with them the necessary to give a more legal package to my e-mail.

Do not count on me, Mr. Director-General, to put this management aside, do not trust me as President of the CRSA to talk about health democracy … Patients who are with you follow these facts.
On the contrary, I am going to do everything I can to condemn this overuse of health democracy in the highest place because I know very well what we can do with patients' complaints.
You will understand it, with family or alone, I will speak loudly about your dysfunctions.
Yours sincerely.

Josette Risterucci
CRSA President of Corsica

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