The season ends with a record number of viewers for Alexandra’s victory

Alexandra, Denis Brogniart and Brice during the finals of “Koh-Lanta” – TF1

There were people in front of the small screen last night. Those who win the gold medal from the public are the adventurers of Koh-Lanta. After a final between Alexandra, Brice and Loïc, the Superwoman of the season took the win and the 100,000 euros that went with it. A total of 6,319,000 viewers are connected to TF1, or 28.5% of the audience, to follow the test of the posts and the final opinion, according to figures quoted by Puremedia.

On average, the fifteen episodes of the “4 Lands” were followed by 5.5 million followers. This score does not include recurrence rates, which we won’t know for a few days. For example, a million people caught up with the first episode after it aired on August 28.

France 2 in excellent condition

Faced with the steamroller of the Friday night hearings, the other channels are not left out. France 2 is also a hit with Season 1’s second episode Caesar Wagner. Gil Alma’s series captured 4.9 million viewers, or 19.4% of the audience. Some to more than 600,000 Curious from last week’s episode, which was a rerun.

As usual, M6 is third in the hearings last night with two episodes of NCIS, including an unpublished. 2.79 million believers spent their evening in the company of Gibbs, or 11.0% of the audience.

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